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Apple Pay is leading the way for mobile payments at Staples

Apple Pay is less than six months old, and already it’s taking over the mobile payment world. The latest convert? Early adopter Staples, which announced yesterday that it is already seeing 30 percent of all purchases made through its iOS… Read more ›

Be a leading edge iOS app developer with the complete Swift course [Deals]

When the iPhone 6 was announced and iOS 8 introduced, so to was unveiled Swift, Apple’s newest app development language.  Swift is the language meant to replace Objective C in iOS app development. iOS app designers fluent in Swift are… Read more ›

Apple Leading By Example In Smartphone ‘Kill Switch’ Campaign

Apple is one of several tech giants to enter a voluntary agreement to add a global anti-theft “kill-switch” to their handsets from July 2015. Other companies on board include  Google, HTC, Huawei, Motorola, Microsoft, Nokia, and Samsung — while carriers… Read more ›

Siri Is A Carriers Wet Dream Leading To 2x Data Usage

Photo by netzkobold – http://flic.kr/p/atFyka

If you�re a carrier scrambling for ways to make up dwindling voice and texting profits, Apple�s iPhone 4S is not just a product, but a dreamy pin-up, a new report on smartphone data usage finds. What�s more, Siri � the iPhone 4S�s hallmark feature � is a down-right wet dream. Mobile monitoring firm Arieso released a report today finding Apple�s latest smartphone sucks data at twice  [Read More…]

Apple Remains Top Stock Pick for 2012, Says Leading Analyst

On Tuesday, the first official full day of trading on Wall Street for 2012, shares of AAPL surged more than $6 to hover above $411 per share, rapidly approaching the stock’s all-time high following a few rough months for NASDAQ and the tech sector as a whole. Not surprisingly, this week many Wall Street analysts are making their top picks for stocks to watch in 2012. And despite some initial concerns in late 2011 – like  [Read More…]

iPad Becoming Leading Choice for Hospital Kiosks

Already deployed everywhere from airplane cockpits to British grocery store shopping carts, hospitals stand poised as the next frontier for iPads to conquer. As it turns out, hospitals – which are always in search of ways to slash costs while improving efficiency – are beginning to use iPads as lobby kiosks. With little more than a floor-mounted stand to prop it up, the iPad is being used as a highly effective, time-saving, and cost reducing method  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Is Leading Contender For Times Person of Year

Steve Jobs is the leading contender for Time�s annual Person of the Year award, even though it�s not usually awarded to someone who is no longer alive. �The smartphone has changed the world as much as the Bible has,� said celebrity chef Mario Batali, who was pro-Jobs at Time�s annual POY panel debate in New York. The 2011 Person of the Year award was discussed by  [Read More…]