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Pink iPhone 6s revealed in new leaked images

Photos showing a supposed pink iPhone 6s have popped up on Chinese social media — and the positive response from users has been enormous. Hundreds of thousands of people have shared the pictures, which appear to confirm rumors we’ve heard dating back as far as March. Check out more of the photos below: Apple has, […]

We already knew that Apple has taken an interest in how its third-party partners present their wares in the Apple Store, but a leaked memo is describing just how seriously the company is taking this new initiative. Other than the clean white background that it’s so fond of, Apple is also asking vendors to pay […]

Leaked iPhone 6s front panel looks awfully familiar

The iPhone 6s is likely to be revealed within the next two months, which means the leaks are starting to flow out of the supply chain like toxic fumes pummeling out of Foxconn factories. We got our first look at… Read more ›

We still haven’t gotten a glimpse of Apple’s long-rumored 12-inch iPad Pro, but a new set of images of an alleged iPad Pro dummy unit show that the mythical giant tablet might actually be real. Images of an alleged iPad… Read more ›

Apple decided to killing the iPhone C lineup when it debuted the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but the colorful, plastic, iPhones could be making a comeback in 2015, based on an alleged leak out of Apple’s supply chain. A… Read more ›

Samsung is expected to unveil its new flagship Galaxy S6 smartphone at Mobile World Congress next month, but some leaked images from the XDA developer forums might have just spoiled their big reveal. The set of images of an alleged… Read more ›

  New photos leaked online apparently show the display portion of the forthcoming, eagerly-anticipated 12-inch MacBook Air: a device rumored to be Apple’s first Retina MacBook Air model. In the photos, the display is compared in size to various current Apple… Read more ›

Xiaomi just rode Apple’s coattails to the biggest startup valuation in world, but it appears the Chinese smartphone maker is ready to take its copying to new heights by getting into the laptop game with, you guessed it, a MacBook… Read more ›

Wireless Beats Solo2 headphones leaked by FCC

Apple is working on a new pair of Beats headphones, according to leaked FCC documents. They work over Bluetooth and appear to be pretty much identical to the Solo2 headphones Beats released in May. The documents are filed by Apple,… Read more ›

It’s hard not to contain our excitement for the upcoming Joss Whedon joint, Avengers: Age of Ultron, especially with this new leaked trailer. It’s not the high-quality one you’ll likely see when Marvel Studios puts the official trailer up on… Read more ›