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10 things we learned from Apple’s 60 Minutes episode

60 Minutes host Charlie Rose took a deep dive into all things Apple with an episode which aired on Sunday. Featuring interviews with Tim Cook, Jony Ive, Phil Schiller, Angela Ahrendts, and others, the show explored everything from the iPhone’s inner workings, to Apple’s manufacturing in China, to Tim Cook dancing around the question of whether or not […]

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From iPad Pro to privacy: 8 things we learned from Tim Cook’s latest interview

Tim Cook is in my home country of Jolly Old Blighty (read: the U.K.) at the moment, promoting the imminent launch of the iPad Pro. While there, he’s given an interview to the Telegraph newspaper, in which Apple’s CEO touches on everything from the new Apple TV to the U.K.’s rumored “snooper’s charter” to, of course, […]

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13 awesome tricks your Mac just learned with El Capitan

OS X El Capitan is finally available to the public (for free) after months of beta testing. The new operating system promises to redefine the Mac experience with a host of new improvements that make working and playing on the Mac smoother than ever. There’s a lot to learn about all the new goodies in […]

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What we learned about the new Steve Jobs movie from the trailer

Universal dropped its first full-length Steve Jobs trailer yesterday, giving us a closer glimpse than we’ve yet had at the Aaron Sorkin-penned biopic, set to hit theaters this October. Being the fans that we are, Cult of Mac scoured the…Read more ›

18 things we learned from the new Star Wars trailer

J.J. Abrams whetted our appetite for more lightsaber dueling action with the first Episode VII teaser trailer last year, but today’s release of the new trailer has got us counting down the days until Christmas. We’re still eight months away…Read more ›

10 surprising things we learned about Tim Cook today

Tim Cook had enormous shoes to fill when he took over as Apple CEO. With Steve Jobs’ sudden death in 2011, doubters questioned whether the Southern engineer could keep Apple relevant, but after leading Apple to become the world’s most…Read more ›

8 things we learned from Tim Cook’s interview with Fast Company

Fast Company is pumping out the Apple-related content as we get closer to the March 24 launch of the upcoming book Becoming Steve Jobs by veteran journalists Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli. Viewing the book as a way to set…Read more ›

Everything I wanted to know about gold Apple Watches, I learned on reddit

We all know that professional industry analysts often say the darndest things, but the Apple Watch has unleashed some truly muddleheaded commentary, especially from people who get paid to know better. There are the customary and entirely predictable predictions that…Read more ›

12 things we learned from the New Yorker’s profile of Jony Ive

In what may be the longest magazine feature yet dedicated to Apple’s industrial design guru, the New Yorker has just published a sprawling 16,000 word profile of Jony Ive — taking readers from his early meetings with Steve Jobs up to the present…Read more ›

14 things we learned from Tim Cook’s revealing interview with Charlie Rose

It’s rare that we get to see inside the mind of Apple CEO Tim Cook. It’s even rarer when what he says appears to be largely unscripted and candid. The PBS show Charlie Rose aired part one of its interview…Read more ›