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Steve Jobs On Gaming: It’s The Future Of Learning [Video]

This video of Steve Jobs from 1990 is an interesting artifact for a couple of reasons. For one thing, it’s the clip in which Steve pioneered his famous “bicycle for the mind” analogy, which I’ve always felt is one of the most beautiful things ever said about computers. What is also interesting, though, is how gung ho Steve Jobs is about video games in this clip, even going as far as to suggest that video games are the future of  [Read More…]

Learning A New Language Doesn’t Cost A Fortune Thanks To Ultralingua’s Software [Cult Of Mac Deals]

Ever gone a trip overseas and felt silly trying to talk to locals who didn’t speak a lick of English? Yeah, me too. It’s actually become a bit of problem for me because I love traveling to different countries, but hate not being able to communicate with the locals. Today we’re offering a heat-seeking deal from Ultralingua. If learning a new language has ever crossed your mind, this buy one, get  [Read More…]

eBook for Learning How to Use Siri Released

Now you too can learn how to use Siri with this informative Siri manual. I don’t know what’s funnier, the fact that this guide was released for Amazon Kindle, or that the time was taken to write a guide on using such a simple voice feature for such a simple device. How many of you own an iPhone 4S? Probably a good chunk I presume. Those of you who do, do you know everything that  [Read More…]

Mobile Learning? School Disctrict Lifts iPad Ban on Buses

Students lobbied to have a ban removed so they can use their iPads on the way to and from school. The Manatee County School district in Florida had obliged kids to take the journey to and from school unplugged from iPods, iPads and the like. But kids say they wanted to use that travel time to do homework and since more and more of them are being kitted out  [Read More…]

Study to Explore iPads as Ergonomic Math Learning Tools

Ipad screen As iPad use continues to grow, assessing how we use them becomes an important topic of study. This includes what kinds of tasks we use the tablet for, and ergonomic issues related to using the device. Boston University is launching a study this fall among children of military members in an effort to help improve their math skills and teach healthy computing. They are  [Read More…]