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Cone Speaker Learns What You Like To Listen To

Aether’s Cone speaker is simple, in both its physical design and its interface. Inside, though, it has a brain that learns what you like. The Cone is a cone-shaped AirPlay-ready speaker which also streams music straight from the internet. It… Read more ›     

Larklife Fitness Bracelet ‘Learns’ All Your Bad Habits,Tells You to Get Off The Couch

The Larklife fitness gadget doesn’t just lifelessly track all the mundane details of your life, like calories burned, miles trudged and hours snoozed away. No, this little thing actually learns your habits and tells you, in realtime, exactly what you should do to make yourself healthier.

the bracelet core wears a sweatproof wrap during the day; at night, you can slip it into a soft “pajama-inspired” band to track your sleep activity.  [Read More…]

Samsung Learns The Hard Way That Everyone Wants An iPhone 5 [Image]


Samsung can’t catch a break. Samsung Mobile USA posted the following question on their Facebook page – “If you could only take one electronic device on a deserted island, what would it be?”

They probably figured fans would respond that they would totally take their Galaxy S3 or some other Samsung device that no one cares about.�But when you’re on a fantasy island, you probably want the best phone possible, right?

  [Read More…]

This Musicians iPad Has Utterly Changed The Way He Teaches, Learns, And Practices Music

There is, in fact, an app for that.

Redditor GrandHarbler is a musician and music teacher. He took to the popular social news sharing site today to start a conversation about how the iPad has improved his own practice, teaching, and music learning workflow.

As a musician, GrandHarbler has to practice every day. A lot. He works on goals that he times with an app called TaskMatrix, setting up 25 minute on  [Read More…]