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Highline, A Clever Leash For Your iPhone 5

We first glimpsed the Highline way back in 2012, when we reviewed the 30-pin-dock-connector version of the leash for iDevices. Now, back in the future, the Lightning Highline has just launched, helping to save the butterfingered and terminally distracted from…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Filip, A Digital Leash For Kids

The Filip is a smart watch for kids, complete with a built-in cellphone, a tracker so you can keep an eye on them wherever they are, and messaging so you can continue to harass and berate them even as they try to build their own sense of independence. I kind of hate it. In a […]

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The Leash: One Camera Strap To Rule Them All [Kickstarter]

I hate camera straps. I’m forever taking one off and threading another one through the camera’s eyelets or hooking up some device to the tripod screw or just wrapping a neck strap around my wrist. For something that’s so simple, and has been around for so long, the camera strap sure is a badly-designed piece of junk.

The Leash, on the other hand (or other shoulder), is an attempt to combine all straps ever into  [Read More…]

The Highline iPhone Leash Is Totally Tough Enough [Review]

The Highline is like a leash for your iDevice. Photo Charlie Sorrel (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0)

When I first glimpsed the Highline, I teased, calling it “an almost spectacularly misguided idea.” The Highline is a curly cable which hooks into your iDevice’s 30-pin dock connector and keeps it safe from drops and attempted snatch-and-grabs. Despite my conclusions, the kind folks at Kenu sent one over to the Cult of Mac test labs to  [Read More…]

ZOMM Wireless Leash Keeps Your iPhone Close, Your Keys Closer

Never ever lose anything ever again. Ever

ZOMG! Never lose your iPhone again with the ZOMM Wireless Leash Plus, a hardware/software combo that wirelessly ties your iPhone to a needy dongle that cries whenever the two are separated. It can help you to remember your phone, your keys, or even where you parked Grandma.   The free app is at the heart of the setup. It lets you snap a  [Read More…]