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Stan Lee’s First iOS Game, Verticus, Hits the App Store

That’s right: The game Verticus, which dropped onto the App Store today, was crafted with input from comic legend Stan Lee (is the “comic” part even necessary?), who wrote the story and created the titular character. Oh, and did I mention that he also lent his 89-year-old voice for the game’s Mission Commander?

In the game, you’ll take the reigns of Verticus, a sort-of cross between a skydiver and a spelunker as he  [Read More…]

Windows Phone Is The Answer To iOS Monotony and Android’s Chaos – Andy Lees

The President of Microsofts Windows Phone division, Andy Lees, truly believes that Microsofts new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango, is the answer to the problems that Android and iOS are facing. Microsoft seems to be coming out on top where Apple and Google are failing according to Lees. He feels that Apple doesnt offer options, leaving Apple being too monotonous. When it comes to all the areas where Apple has had success, he  [Read More…]