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Here’s definitive proof of Apple’s legendary reality distortion field

You might remember that on Monday, AAPL stock had a bit of a bad day, before rebounding. It wasn’t just a bad day for Apple stock, though: fueled by fears of a total collapse of the Chinese stock market, the whole S&P 500 collapsed that day. But in the first 24 hours, only Apple had […][Read More…]

Legendary RPG Baldur’s Gate finally makes the journey to iPhone

Baldur’s Gate is one of the all-time classic RPGs, and while it’s iOS Enhanced Edition has been available on iPad since late 2012, up until now iPhone gamers have been left out in the cold. That’s changed thanks to a…Read more ›

Legendary RPG Dragon Quest VIII arrives for iOS

If you’re a fan of RPGs you’ll be instantly familiar with Square Enix’s superb series of Dragon Quest games. Among those games, the most famous is Dragon Quest VIII – a game which has sold 4.9 million units (and counting) worldwide…Read more ›

Griffin’s Legendary PowerMate Knob Goes Cordless [CES 2014]

LAS VEGAS, CES 2014 – Ever felt the need to turn your Mac up to 11? Of course you have, and now –thanks to Griffin’s new Bluetooth PowerMate, you can do it wirelessly. The new PowerMate updates a classic Mac…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Brings On Legendary NYT Mag Designer As Marketing Creative Director

Besides its fantastic longform features, The New York Times Magazine is known for its striking cover art. The Sunday publication has been creatively led by Arem Duplessis for the past decade, and now Duplessis is leaving to join Apple as a creative…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Legendary RPG Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition Will Be Out On iPad Soon

Whether you’re a chaotic good wild mage or a neutral evil Drow, there’s good news coming out of the Underdark this morning. Following its launch on Mac last month, Beamdog Entertainment’s updated version of Baldur’s Gate II and its expansion…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Legendary Pixen Pixel-Art App Now In Mac App Store

screen800x500Pixen is one of my favorite Mac apps. If any of you follows me on Twitter or similar, you will have seen my Scary Baby avatar. That was built by me, one pixel at a time, in Pixen, probably running on an old white iBook. Pixen is – as you may have guessed – a […]

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Legendary iPhone Hacker Geohot About To Release New iPhone App Called Reactions

Geohot is back with a new app.

Geohot is back with a new app.

George Hotz is known to his legions of online fans as “geohot,” the infamous hacker who was the first to unlock the iPhone and crack the Sony PS3. Hotz has been flying under the radar lately, but he’s about to make his first foray into the App Store with a new iPhone app.

The app is called Reactions, and  [Read More…]

Logitech UE 900 Earphones: The Next Generation From A Legendary Name Deserves High Praise, But Also Some Ridicule [Review]

When one company swallows another, it’s common for a slow shift in rebranding and design to occur as the two entities thrash out their roles and relationship. The latest shift in the Logitech-Ultimate Ears story — Logitech purchased UE in 2008 — occured a month or so ago, when Ultimate Ears was rebranded as Logitech UE and launched a suite of high-end, blue-tinged soundware, with a product selection that reached far  [Read More…]

Legendary Name Drops onto The iPad in The Form of ‘MechWarrior: Tactical Command’ RTS Game

I remember playing MechWarrior 2 in the mid 90s. Man, what thrill — I spent days piloting horribly destructive giant robots around a 3D battlefield, firing rockets, blasting anything that moved with terawatt lasers.

Of course, that was on my old 386 PC clone, back when I still followed the dark side of the force and hadn’t jumped on a Mac yet. But the MechWarrior / BattleTech series of games has  [Read More…]