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Greenpeace: Apple Is Less Green Friendly Than Dell, HP and Nokia

Apple takes pride in making its products environmentally friendly. It has worked to reduce its carbon footprint by keeping its product packaging to a minimum, removing toxic materials from its entire product line, making its devices more energy efficient and lots more. However, the company isn’t the greenest of tech companies. It ranks fourth in Greenpeace’s “Guide to Greener Electronics,” with HP, Dell, and Nokia leading the way. 15 companies  [Read More…]

Apple Makes Going To Your Local Apple Store Much Less Hellish With Apple Store 2.0 App Update

Remember that new cheekily-christened “EasyTheft” system Apple was planning on rolling out to its official Apple Store app? The official update is here, and anyone can now try it out!   As part of the Apple Store 2.0 update, customers can now use EasyPay when in an Apple Store to select accessories off the shelves, scan them with their iPhones and then purchase them using an Apple ID without ever  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Biography Gets a New, Less ‘Cute’ Title

Earlier this year, the world learned that Apple CEO Steve Jobs finally capitulated and agreed to participate in a new – and, yes, authorized – book about his professional life and storied career in the tech space. With publisher Simon & Schuster backing the project and writer Walter Isaacson attached, big hopes quickly surfaced that the book would become a bestseller. And in Amazon pre-orders, it already has. But there will be one small change  [Read More…]

Apple Hires Jailbreak Developer, Notifications Likely To Suck Less Now

There is almost nothing I want more to see implemented in iOS 5 than a new notification system. The current system infuriates me. There is nothing worse than playing a game, only to have a freaking text message pop up, and have my character in the background die because I couldn’t close out of the notification window fast enough. WWDC next week will likely highlight some sort of improvement to the iOS notification system. Proof  [Read More…]