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Learning to build 20 iOS games will cost you 20 bucks with this lesson bundle [Deals]

If you think playing games is satisfying, try making them. Actually, try making 20. This bundle of four mobile game-making lessons from StackSkills usually goes for over $ 2,000. But right now the whole thing is just $ 20 at Cult of Mac Deals. Receive another 10% off with coupon code EARLY10. The lessons start with math […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Alabama Shakes singer gives Instagram guitar lesson

Rock music history is rife with musicians who developed a sort of god complex from money and fame. A recent posting on Instagram indicates fame is unlikely to corrupt Brittany Howard, lead singer and guitarist for Alabama Shakes, who used the photo- and video-sharing platform to give a fan a guitar lesson. Kait Whiteside, 24, […][Read More…]

Cell jamming gives science teacher an important legal lesson

A high-school science teacher has received a five-day suspension without pay for using a jammer in his classroom to block students’ cell-phone signals. He can consider himself lucky, however, because he had actually violated federal law. Dean Liptak was fed…Read more ›

6 audacious fan films that could teach Hollywood a lesson

Fan films are the ultimate way for devotees to pay tribute to the characters they love. They give fans the chance to show how the beloved heroes (and antiheroes) should be portrayed — without the creativity-sapping “benefit” of focus groups, hack screenwriters…Read more ›

Cheap Chromebooks teach Apple a lesson: Price matters

Apple and Google are very interested in taking over the U.S. education market from Microsoft, but when it comes to capturing marketshare, the Chromebook is teaching Apple an important lesson: Price matters. For the first time ever, Google has passed…Read more ›

Hasselblad Fails To Learn Lesson, Rebrands Another Sony Camera With Hideous Wooden Handles

Oh Hasselblad. As if your absurd and hideous Lunar wasn’t bad enough, you’re about to compound the embarrassment with the Stellar compact, yet another Sony NEX camera dressed up with a stupid wooden grip and a huge markup. What happened to you? Lest we forget, Hasselblad was once a name to trust. The medium-format cameras […]

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