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Apple’s 2013 Design Award Winners Include Great Apps Like Letterpress And Evernote


Every year a few quality apps are selected to win the coveted Apple Design Award at WWDC. It’s a developer’s dream to be recognized by Apple for making great software, and the Design Award is the pinnacle of accolades in the Apple developer community. This year’s winners include some very popular titles you may have heard of, like Letterpress and the newest iOS version of Evernote.

Ironically, one of the apps Apple  [Read More…]

Tall Chess For iPhone, Like Letterpress Meets Chess

Tall Chess might as well have been called “LetterChess:” it’s like a cross between the amazingly addictive Letterpress and actual, you know, chess. It’s an iPhone 5 game (hence the “tall” part – it uses the whole of the iPhone’s screen to show the board), and it lets you play the great game against folks you’ll find on Game Center.

Why hasn’t somebody done this before? A Game Center-powered chess game that  [Read More…]

Tweetie And Letterpress Creator Loren Brichter Helping Design Team At Facebook


What’s this guy up to at Facebook?

Loren Brichter is somewhat of a rockstar in the iOS app developer community. The Wall Street Journal has called him the “High Priest of App Design.” If you don’t know Brichter by name, you know him by his work: Tweetie and Letterpress.

Twitter bought Tweetie and turned it into the official Twitter app for iPhone and iPad. Letterpress is a hit word game Brichter created  [Read More…]

Letterpress 1.2 Now Available In App Store With Share Replays, Updated Dictionary

Loren Brichter’s Game Center success story, Letterpress, has been updated today in the App Store with a couple of new features and improvements. Version 1.2 of the popular, Scrabble-like word game introduces a new HTML5-based feature called “Share Replays.” You can now share a link from the iOS game that shows a word-by-word progression of how a match progressed.

The last update to Letterpress brought the ability to quickly demand a  [Read More…]

Cult Of Mac’s Awesome 2012 Advent Calendar: Day 8 – Letterpress For iOS

One of the better Yuletide traditions is the venerable holiday Advent Calendar, in which each day of December leading up to Christmas is marked off on a special calendar by opening its corresponding door to find a small gift, toy or chocolate squirreled away inside. This year, we here at Cult of Mac decided we wanted to give our readers their very own Apple-themed advent calendar, filled with the year’s best apps,  [Read More…]

Letterpress Hits Version 1.1 In The App Store With Ability To Rematch, Tweaks, Bug Fixes

Loren Britcher’s hit word game Letterpress has received its first major update in the iOS App Store. The game that forced us all to actually use Game Center has been given a number of improvements and bug fixes, including the ability to request a rematch.

Perhaps one of the greatest app update descriptions ever:

– Rematch! (requires iOS 6 or newer) – Option to silence sounds. FYI I worked really hard  [Read More…]

How To Cheat And Use Strategy To Beat Your Friends At Letterpress

Do you know that this was even a word?

Chances are you’ve heard of a game that’s like Words with Friends mixed with Scrabble and SpellTower. It has been taking Game Center by storm, and it’s called Letterpress.

Developed by Tweetie’s Loren Brichter, Letterpress is good, simple fun. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be tricky. Unless you’re a wordsmith and decent strategist, it can be difficult to efficiently use all of  [Read More…]

Want To Play The Coolest, Hottest Game Around? Play Letterpress [Review]

It looks good, it plays good. It’s just good

Here’s Letterpress, a word game for iOS that’s been soaring up the App Store charts since it appeared a week or so ago. And soaring for good reason: it’s ace.

Letterpress is made by Atebits, and if that name sounds familiar it’s because they’re the guys (more specifically, Loren Brichter is the guy) who originally made Tweetie, the Twitter app that was so  [Read More…]

Tweetie’s Creator Has A New iOS Game Called Letterpress, And It’s All About Words [Review]

The guy behind the first great Twitter app is trying his hand at gaming.

You may know Loren Brichter for the app that made him a rockstar in the iOS development community, Tweetie. Brichter was so successful with Tweetie that Twitter ended up hiring him to make Tweetie the official Twitter client for iOS and the Mac. Twitter for Mac has since fallen by the wayside, but Twitter for iPhone and iPad both  [Read More…]