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Apple Customer Takes Hipsterism To The Next Level By Showing Up On a Penny-farthing

When riding your fixed gear bike to the Apple Store is no longer cool, how do you take your hipsterism to the next level? Penny-farthing. Have you seen anything more ridiculous than this at your local Apple store? Tell us about it in the comments. [via Johnnytwoshoes]

This Auto-Tracking iPhone Mount Takes Stalking To A Whole New Level

While we can’t seem to find a practical reason for buying the Swivl iPhone mount, we still want one. The Swivl auto-tracks your movement with your iPhone’s camera, all thanks to a handy receiver that can held or worn on a lanyard. So many possibilities!

The Swivl’s multi-axis motion capabilities allow it to track movement horizontally and  [Read More…]

FX Photo Studio Pro: Level Up Your Photos with Ease [Review]

Every new Mac comes with iPhoto, which is getting better all the time. Still, it doesn’t have all of the features that are made for folks who are really into manipulating their photgraphs. Adobe’s Photoshop is often too much for the budding shooter (and cost prohibitive to boot), and image editors like Acorn – while simple to use and well-priced – don’t necessarily have the “feel” of iPhoto that many Mac users  [Read More…]