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Tim Cook receives award for his LGBT activism

Over the weekend, Tim Cook received the Human Rights Campaign Visibility Award in Washington D.C. for his work as an outspoken voice in support of the LGBT community. Cook — who came out as gay last year — delivered a great acceptance speech in which he talked about his decision to publicly reveal his sexuality as well as talking […]

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Apple backs LGBT equality act

In an effort to outlaw discrimination against LGBT people under federal law, members of congress introduced the historic Equality Act of 2015 today, and they’ve got the biggest company in tech on their side. By ensuring people can no longer…Read more ›

iPhone to power nation’s largest LGBT health study

Thanks to Apple’s new ResearchKit software, breakthroughs have already been made in the study of Parkinsons disease and Asthma. Now, a team of researcher are planning to use the iPhone and ResearchKit to study a subject we still don’t know…Read more ›

LGBT anti-discrimination bill will be named after Tim Cook

An anti-discrimination bill designed to protect LGBT employees is set to be named after Tim Cook, according to a new report from Reuters. The bill was put forward by Alabama’s only openly gay lawmaker, Democratic state Representative Patricia Todd. Given…Read more ›

Tim Cook slams Alabama for slow evolution on LGBT rights

Tim Cook has spoken out about the need for his home state of Alabama to better address LGBT rights in a speech delivered today at the Alabama Academy of Honor induction, in front of Governor Robert Bentley. Cook discussed his admiration…Read more ›

Apple celebrates LGBT rights in new ‘Pride’ video

Back on June 29, thousands of Apple employees and their families marched in the San Francisco Pride Parade, coming from all over the world to support LGBT rights and to celebrate Apple’s commitment to equality and diversity. Tim Cook and…Read more ›