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Apple Licensed Scrolling Patent to Nokia and IBM, Not Samsung

Apple’s legal strategy in the ongoing global mobile patent war has resembled a no-holds-barred assault on other companies with no room for licensing agreements. Or has it? Patent number #7,469,381 covers a “scrollback” function in iOS that displays the background texture when users scroll beyond the edge of a document or webpage. Apple even used the patent in its argument against Samsung in an attempt to get an injunction against their Galaxy devices. However, Apple has licensing  [Read More…]

Next-gen iPad, iPhone GPU Already Being Licensed

Imagination Technologies has already started licensing its new PowerVR Series6 mobile graphics processing unit to six “key partners.” The new GPU, codenamed “Rogue,” developed by Imagination Technologies has already been licensed by Texas Instruments, MediaTek, and ST-Ericsson. The remaining three partners have yet to be announced. Expect Apple to be one of them. The new GPU apparently offers “best-in-class GFLOPS per mm2 and per mW for all APIs.” This chips predecessor is the same one  [Read More…]