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Apple gets sued for licensing allegedly plagiarized art

A Brazilian neo-pop artist is suing Apple for ripping-off his artwork for their recent “Start Something New” marketing campaign. Is Apple guilty, or is it just a mistake? The artist in question is Romero Britto, a 51-year old artist who…Read more ›

HTC: Licensing Deal With Apple Will Make Our Products Better


HTC China president Ray Yam believes the Taiwanese company’s new licensing deal with Apple will allow it to “take broader steps” and create better products this year. The Droid DNA maker recently entered into a 10-year licensing agreement with Apple that covers all current, pending, and future patents, and ended the litigation ongoing between the two companies.

“The settlement with Apple will start to pay off next year, and the fourth  [Read More…]

Apple Ends Patent Dispute With HTC, Announces 10-Year Licensing Agreement

Apple and HTC have finally put the boxing gloves down.

After years of battling in courtrooms around the world, Apple and HTC have reached an agreement over patent licensing that will be in effect for the next 10 years. Both companies have spent millions of dollars in ongoing lawsuits relating specifically to smartphone patents for the iPhone and HTC’s Android devices.

HTC was sued first by Apple back in 2010 with  [Read More…]

Google Loses Their Leverage As Motorola And Apple Reach Licensing Deal In Germany

While Samsung has been battling with Apple in the U.S., Motorola has been trying to win a few court cases of their own against Apple over in Germany. The two sides have mostly been arguing over some standard-essential patents that Apple needs for the iPhone to work.

Until now, Motorola has refused to license the patents to Apple at a fair price, but a recent court filing shows that Motorola has  [Read More…]

Microsoft Makes Mountain Lion Server Very Attractive By Gouging Small Businesses With Windows Server 2012 Licensing

Microsoft’s small business server will go up against Mountain Lion Server at 10X the cost and with artificial limits on it.

Now that Microsoft has unveiled the pricing and licensing models for Windows Server 2012, it’s easy to see why Apple’s focus on the small business market has been a genius move. Apple has been positioning its server platform as a small business solution for a while and Mountain Lion Server is  [Read More…]

Motorola’s FRAND Licensing Demands: 2.25% of Apple’s Sales

Our coverage of Motorola’s brief injunction against the sale of 3G iDevices in Germany yesterday questioned whether Motorola or Apple was being unreasonable in the licensing negotiations. Evidence is pointing to Motorola’s demands wandering into the unreasonable. Information released by FOSS patents suggest Motorola’s 3G technologies FRAND licensing offer to Apple that would end the current legal dispute involves Apple handing over a 2.25% share of Apple’s sales. It is unclear if this percentage is  [Read More…]