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This post is brought to you by TeliaSonera International Carrier. If your internet service provider faced a trial, would it be found guilty of sucking? That’s the cheeky question posed by satirical short film Life on Trial, a goofball riff… Read more ›

There’s no question that Google Chrome is one of the best web browsers you can get, but it’s long been a resource hog under OS X. By simply avoiding it on the new MacBook, your battery could last more than three… Read more ›

Spray-on Life Paint gives bicyclists a special glow

When you’re flying down the road on a bicycle at night, visibility could mean the difference between life and death at the hands of an automobile driver. Volvo has designed what it’s calling Life Paint as a way for cyclists… Read more ›

You’ll find supremely awesome deals on cool products for your Mac, iOS device, and more every single day at Cult of Mac Deals. The offers at Cult of Mac Deals are so good, though, that they just cannot stick around… Read more ›

Indie dev parodies internet life for fun and profit

Nathalie Lawhead speaks swiftly, a gentle European lilt in her accent. On the screen behind her is a random-seeming collection of internet memes rendered in outsider art chic. At first glance, her games look absolutely absurd, random, and ridiculous. “If… Read more ›

Something you hear over and over are stories about Steve Jobs being, well, a jerk. A recently released anecdote, however, tells a different story: about Jobs caring so much about workaholic Tim Cook having a life outside Apple that he even… Read more ›

Apple Watch dream drove man to a life of crime

Lust for Apple’s latest must-have gadget can make you do crazy things! In what sounds like a cross between Breaking Bad and an Apple ad that I would totally watch, a story coming out China’s government-run Guangzhou Daily newspaper recounts the plight of… Read more ›

A Chinese workers’ rights group released a new report today that sheds light on the deplorable working conditions in factories that assemble the iPhone 6. According to China Labor Watch, on February 3, 2015, Pegatron assembly line worker Tian Fulei… Read more ›

Tim Cook eased some of our worries about Apple Watch’s battery on Monday by revealing you’ll get at least 18 hours of use from it. But if you’d like a wearable that looks just as good, and comes without the… Read more ›

Apple Watch battery life will be better than expected

Apple has been very quiet about the Apple Watch’s battery life since the initial unveiling in September. The subject has worried a lot of the Apple fans after reports surfaced that Apple Watch may only have 2.5 hours of battery… Read more ›