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In a new interview, Beats President Luke Wood — the man in charge of hardware for the Apple-owned brand — talks life after the Apple acquisition, and answers long-standing criticisms about the bass-heavy quality of Beats headphones. Woods, who began his career doing publicity for bands like Nirvana and Sonic Youth at Geffen Records, says of […]

A monthly magazine where your life is the subject

It sounds cool and convenient to say your photo album is in your phone. But your life spread across the pages of a glossy magazine sounds a whole lot better. A new iOS app called Recently turns the camera roll on your iPhone into a monthly magazine. The one-step app is free and for a […]

This post is brought to you by Aptonic Limited, maker of Dropzone. Drag-and-drop functionality — which lets us quickly and easily move files from place to place, into apps, onto websites — might be the most fundamental way we interact with our computers. That’s why we’re impressed by Dropzone: It’s basically an upgrade of good ol’ drag-and-drop for […]

How to fix battery life issues in iOS 8.4.1

iOS 8.4.1 might have fine-tuned Apple Music, but some users are complaining about about battery issues after updating to Apple’s latest mobile operating system. If you’re afflicted, the good news is that iOS 9 is right around the corner. The bad news? That doesn’t help you now, and iOS 9 will likely have its own […]

Guests of the boutique Aloft Silicon Valley hotel might be a little surprised to see its newest employee. It might be his height or his odd way of moving around, or it might be the basket of towels where its head should be. But mostly, it’s going to be weird because the new guy is […]

Despite many theoretical improvement, lithium ion batteries remain a very slowly progressing technology. Moore’s Law keeps on helping our gadgets better at conserving batteries, but the batteries themselves aren’t keeping pace with Moore’s Law when it comes to increasing capacity. But a new innovation by a team of forgetful researchers might change all that: they’ve […]

This week: ever wonder what it’s like to have companies pay you to travel the world snapping their Instagram photos? Professional Instagram’er Cory Staudacher is back to share his workflows and favorite iOS photo apps—and you won’t believe how much some companies will pay to make them look cool. Plus: neat new features coming to […]

Trippy photo app brings your worst nightmares to life

Remember when Google announced, probably from within a heavily fortified and Skynet-proof bunker, that its artificial neural networks were “dreaming”? And then we saw the above picture of a squirrel ravaged by a computer’s best and most terrifying guesses at… Read more ›

You can charge your smartphone while cycling or running with an accessory also designed to keep you alive on the road. Sounds like a lot to ask of a battery pack, but the Boost Pack by BSEEN does both with… Read more ›

From subtly dissing Rihanna, to teaching you math with reference to the Cookie Monster, Siri is packed full of offbeat Easter Eggs. But here’s one that could actually one day prove useful, and even life-saving. Maybe. If you’re ever in… Read more ›