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The iPhone 5 Destroys Samsung Galaxy S3 In Real Life Drop Test

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6M5q5TRuAsY]

The iPhone 5 looks pretty, but how does it fair when it’s actually used in the real world? If you accidentally drop it from 5-feet will it shatter? Android Authority is already on the case and did a drop test comparison with the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The iPhone 5 dominated the competition. It picked up a few scratches and dings, but the screen never shattered, whereas the S3 screen cracked multiple times, and it’s back  [Read More…]

Battery Life Improves Dramatically in OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2

Battery Life in OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2 improved dramatically

OS X Mountain Lion has been a fantastic update for Mac users, but some of us on portable Macs discovered an annoying side effect of reduced battery life, often accompanied by a Mac that felt warmer to the touch. Those issues have been largely fixed with the OS X 10.8.2 update, making it a must-have update for MacBook owners.

The following observations  [Read More…]

How Good Is The iPhone 5 Battery Life? Way Better Than The iPhone 4S [iPhone 5 Event]

Phil Schiller has again taken the stage, and now he wants to make some points about the iPhone 5′s battery life.

“We’re really proud that the iPhone 5 battery life exceeds the iPhone 4S.”

That means:

• 8 hours of 3G talk time and 3G browsing

• 8 hours of LTE browsing

• 10 hours of WiFi

• 10 hours video playback

• 40 hours music playback

• 225 hours  [Read More…]

Latest OS X 10.8.2 Developer Build Gives MacBooks Best Battery Life Since Snow Leopard

Everyone knows that the “upgrade” to OS X Mountain Lion severely reduced the battery life in Mac laptops by up to 38%. And while OS X 10.8.1 helped things some, the fix was still meager compared to the oceans of juice you comparatively got on the same machine running OS X Lion.

OS X 10.8.2, though? Much, much better. In fact, according to The Mac Observer, in the latest Build 12C35  [Read More…]

Life Is Magic Is Location-Based iOS Gaming Like You’ve Never Seen Before

You may have played any one of a half-dozen similar location-based games on the App Store, from PerBlue’s Parallel Mafia and Parallel Kingdom to Self Aware’s Fleck, but you’ve never seen a location-based game like Life Is Magic before.

Red Robot Labs has kicked state-of-the-art up another gigantic notch in the genre with Life Is Magic, a location-based game like no other I’ve seen. Most games like this pull data  [Read More…]

Good Keeps Your Work From Spilling Over Into Your Personal Life On Your iPhone Or iPad

The latest release of Good for Enterprise delivers more security and separation of work and personal data on an iPhone or iPad.

One of the first secure business solutions for the iPhone and iPad was Good for Enterprise, a secure collaboration tool that allows companies to separate business email, calendar, and contact systems from Apple’s standard Mail, Calendar, and Contacts apps. Going beyond simply separating work accounts and data from a user’s  [Read More…]

Battery Life Improves Slightly with OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.1

Mountain Lion battery life

Battery life on portable Macs running Mountain Lion improved slightly with the OS X 10.8.1 update, but still generally underperforms the same Macs running Lion. Since updating to OS X 10.8.1 from 10.8, we have conducted several unscientific tests on a variety of different Macs and found there is a minor improvement to battery life between the two versions of Mountain Lion, though most users probably won’t notice  [Read More…]

OS X 10.8.1 Shows Small Battery Life Improvements, Sometimes

Now that OS X 10.8.1 is here, has battery life really improved, as rumored? The Mac Observer did some tests, and the answer is… sometimes?

They found that a 2011 MacBook Pro got about 52 minutes more battery life under OS X 10.8.1 than it did under OS X 10.8, but that’s still 78 minutes (!) less than they got under OS X 10.7.4. Retina MacBook Pro battery life has  [Read More…]

Has Mountain Lion Worsened Your Battery Life? [Let’s Talk]

It seems like every time Apple releases a new version of iOS the battery life on iPhones would drop significantly. Now with a the newest version of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, some users are reporting a significant decrease in battery life on their MacBooks after they upgraded from Lion to Mountain Lion.

Our buddy Chris Foresman at Ars Technica looked into the issue and found that his new Retina MacBook  [Read More…]

BattSaver Wants To Maximize Your iPhone’s Battery Life, But Is It Right For You? [Jailbreak]

Poor battery life got you down?

An app that promises to double, if not triple, your iPhone’s battery life sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Jailbreak tweaks and apps have claimed to improve iOS device battery life for years, but for the most part it’s all smoke and mirrors. What sets a new jailbreak tweak called BattSaver apart is that there’s no magical software voodoo or cheap tricks. BattSaver actually  [Read More…]