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Set the mood from your iPhone with the Revogi Bluetooth Smart Lightbulb [Deals]

Interior lighting, say ‘hello’ to the 21st century. Introducing the Revogi Bluetooth Smart Lightbulb, one of the cool new products featured at CES 2015 and available at Cult of Mac Deals for a limited time. The Revogi Bluetooth Smart Lightbulb…Read more ›

Siri Apparently Understands Racist Lightbulb Jokes

Steven Sande and Erica Sadun have been working on the third-edition of the book Talking To Siri (Amazon), and posted this great example of Siri’s tongue-in-cheek sense of humor over on TUAW. Siri might not tell you one, but she’s certainly…Read more ›    [Read More…]

LIFX, The iPhone-Controlled Any-Color Lightbulb [Kickstarter]

Set any mood in your room, from psychopathic red to cat-lady off-yellow.

Question: How many iPhone owners does it take to change a lightbulb(‘s color)?

Answer: One. As long as he has installed the LIFX app, and bought the LIFX remote-controlled lightbulb.

The LIFX packs LEDs and a Wi-Fi access point into its pear-shaped body, and that simple combination makes it pretty awesome. Screw it in and you’re off. The  [Read More…]

The Worlds First iPhone-Controlled Lightbulb

Years ago, I worked out a way to remote control my homes lamps from my iPhone: just record the sound of somebody clapping, and play it back when you want to switch a light on or off. Now, though, theres a much higher-tech way to do the same thing. Its an iPhone-controlled lightbulb from Insteon.   The bulb is a pert of Insteons SmartHome range, and embeds a radio transceiver in a 60-Watt LED bulb. The bulb costs a reasonable  [Read More…]