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Quitbit smart lighter helps you kick cigarettes’ butts

LAS VEGAS — Ata Ghofrani cut down on smoking and finally quit during the holidays. The only glitch was a New Year’s Eve party, which triggered a “huge spike” in his otherwise fairly smooth reduction schedule. Ghofrani used his own invention —…Read more ›

Slimmer, lighter Retina MacBook Airs reportedly enter production

Quanta Computer has reportedly started production on Apple’s ultra-thin 12-inch MacBook Air notebooks — although production challenges may mean that it doesn’t hit shelves under after Christmas. Citing sources in Taiwan’s supply chain, the Digitimes report states that the new…Read more ›

How Apple Will Make A Thinner, Lighter 12-Inch MacBook Air [Rumor]

The MacBook Air already feels impossibly thin and light, but it’s set to get even thinner and lighter if a rumor out of Asia is to be believed. According to a leaker on Chinese forum Weiphone, Apple is planning a…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Faster, Lighter, Better: The New GoPro Hero3+

hero3+_1The new GoPro Hero3+ makes jumping out of an airplane in a squirrel suit just a little bit more tempting. The new camera is smaller, faster and apparently much better. GoPro is probably the only company still selling significant numbers of standalone camcorders, and you’ll find its little ruggedized HD boxes on the bikes, helmets […]

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WSJ: New iPad Will Use iPad Mini’s Touch Technology To Become Thinner & Lighter

iPad-Retina-ScreenThe fifth-generation iPad will use the same touch-panel technology as the iPad mini to allow it to become thinner and lighter, according to “people with knowledge of the matter,” who have been speaking to The Wall Street Journal. The device is expected to look just like the iPad mini, with narrow bezels and a significantly thinner shell, […]

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New iPad Will Feature New Touch Technology To Help Make It Thinner & Lighter [Rumor]

ipad-touch-screenApple’s fifth-generation iPad will feature a new touchscreen technology that will help it become thinner and lighter, according to industry sources. The device is expected to adopt a new form factor much like the iPad mini’s, with thinner bezels and a smaller frame — and Apple will have to make a number of changes to […]

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iPad 5 Will Be 15% Thinner, 25% Lighter And Take Less Time To Charge Than iPad 4 [Report]


KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is one of the most reliable analysts out there when it comes to predicting upcoming Apple products. Whomever his sources are in the Far East, they run deep. So when Kyo says that the iPad 5 will be 15% thinner and 25% lighter than the iPad 4, and it will take significantly less time to charge, that’s a prediction worth taking seriously.

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Redesigned Backlighting Could Be Behind iPad 5′s New Thinner, Lighter Design


Apple could introduce a redesigned backlighting system to the fifth-generation iPad to help make the device thinner and lighter, according to NDP DisplaySearch. The Cupertino company will have to make significant changes if it is to bring the iPad mini’s sleek and slim form factor to its bigger brother, and this is one of the areas in which it could reduce bulk.

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iPad 5 Will Be Thinner And Lighter Thanks To iPad Mini Display Tech [Rumor]


Given what a smash success the iPad mini is, it’s reasonable to assume that the next-generation iPad might borrow a few design queues from it’s little sibling. Indeed, we’ve already heard the first rumors of just that. Technologically speaking, though, how will Apple make the iPad 5 as thin and light as the mini? By aping the mini’s display technology.

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A Thinner And Lighter Battery For The iPad 3

According to A CENS report, Simplo Technology Co. and Dynapack International Technology Corp will provide Apple with Thinner and Lighter batteries for the iPad 3 . The Batteries will be 20-30% more expensive than the iPads. ipad 3 Institutional investors pointed out that the battery pack for iPad 3, scheduled to be massively produced  [Read More…]