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Adobe’s new Lightroom 6 is the best Aperture alternative

Today Adobe released Lightroom 6, cementing the photo editor as the best alternative to Apple’s now-extinct Aperture. For Adobe Creative Cloud subscribers, the new app is called Lightroom CC. While perhaps the biggest enhancement is related to speed and performance,…Read more ›

Darkroom is like having the best of Adobe Lightroom on your iPhone

Adobe’s Lightroom app for iOS is actually pretty good, but you have to pay for a Creative Cloud subscription to use it. What if you could have the power of an editing suite like Lightroom without all of the extra…Read more ›

Get a taste of Apple’s photo future with Lightroom Mobile

OS X will get a new Photos app next year that will keep all your pictures in sync across all your devices. It will work with the iOS 8 Photos apps on iPhone and iPad to match up your full-res…Read more ›

Adobe outlines how to switch to Lightroom once Apple kills Aperture

Now that Apple has ceased development of Aperture, it’s time to start looking for alternative photo management and editing solutions. The obvious choice is Lightroom, which Adobe has committed to continue work on heavily in the future. Adobe is working…Read more ›

This Magic Script Recovers Your Lost Lightroom Photos

Here’s a slightly obscure tip that’s worth sharing becasue it could literally save you from a lost photo library. If you use Lightroom, Adobe has a “secret” script you can download that extracts the JPG images from your previews. Why…Read more ›    [Read More…]

StreamNation Now Imports Instagram, Lightroom, Flickr Photos And More

Keeping photos on Instagram, Facebook, iPhoto, Google Drive, Google+, Flickr, Lightroom, Aperture, Picasa, Dropbox or OneDrive? Then you might like StreamNation, an app and service that collects them all together in one place. What’s more, it also gives you 20GB…Read more ›    

Mattebox 2 Can Export Its Filters To Lightroom, Photoshop

  I said that the original Mattebox may be “the best iPhone camera app around, but then I went back to using the iPhone’s built-in camera for everything and doing the edits in post. But Mattebox 2 has just launched,…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Lightroom 5 Released: Smart Previews, Upright, Better Healing

Lightroom 5 is now officially official, and you can grab the final version from Adobe for $ 150 (there’s a one-month trial built in if you want it). Should you upgrade from v4? Probably. Unlike Photoshop, which adds more and more flashy-but-pointless features just to keep people upgrading, Lightroom is still young enough that the new features are super useful and – ironically – they also make it less and less likely you’ll  [Read More…]

Adobe Releases Free Beta Of Lightroom 5


Adobe has released a public beta of Lightroom 5, the next major version of its photo editing and management application. The download is free for anyone to use until June 30th. Adobe says Lightroom 5 will ship later this year.

“With this release, our goal was to add some highly-desired features that allow photographers to quickly process and enhance their images,” according to Adobe. “We’ve added more robust healing options, the ability to create  [Read More…]