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Huawei’s Android-Fueled Game Console Looks Like A Tiny Mac Pro [CES 2014]

Android-powered video game consoles like the Ouya haven’t exactly been a huge success, but Chinese electronics maker Huawei is hoping to change that with Tron, a device that looks remarkably similar to Apple’s new Mac Pro — albeit a lot… Read more ›     

What The iWatch Could Look Like Running iOS 7 [Concept]

We’ve seen famed Apple concept designer Martin Hajek’s take on Cupertino’s possibly mythical, believed-to-be-forthcoming iWatch before, but that was before iOS 7 came along. So Hajek decided to adapt his design for the post-Forstall age. The result? The iWatch S… Read more ›     

STM Likes That I Cuss. On A Side Note, Here’s What Looks Like Another %#@&* Cool STM Bag [CES 2014]

LAS VEGAS — It’s a bit odd to be thanked for cussing; but that’s exactly what STM Bags owner Ethan Nyquist did when I walked over to the STM table during a press event at CES. Apparently he was considerably… Read more ›     

Martian Notifier Looks Like A Smartwatch We Might Actually Wear [CES 2014]

Something that often gets missed about wearable technology is that — while the tech part is all well and good — in order for it to appeal to the average consumer it needs to look like something you’d actually be… Read more ›     

Withing Aura Promises Your Best Night’s Sleep, Like, Ever [CES 2014]

LAS VEGAS, CES 2014 – Withings isn’t content with looking after your body throughout every waking hour of your life. Now it wants to make like some kind of Inception-style doctor and keep an eye on your dreams too, with… Read more ›     

Supertooth’s New Speaker Looks Like A Tiny First-Gen iMac [CES 2014]

LAS VEGAS, CES 2014 – The rush to announce products at CES means that we often see CGI renders and vague price promises, just to get in on the news action. But we’re giving Supertooth a break here for two… Read more ›     

Ergotron Workfit-A Standing Worstation: Like A Terminator Holding Your iMac[Review]

WorkFit-A by Ergotron Category: Desks Works With:iMac Price: $ 650 If you own a laptop, it’s pretty easy to up and move to a more comfortable workplace when your joints start to stiffen. But if you have a giant 27-inch iMac… Read more ›     

Here’s What The iPhone 6 & iPhone 6c Might Look Like Running iOS 8 [Gallery]

It’s at least six months until Apple reveals iOS 8, and probably nine months until we see the iPhone 6 for the first time, but that hasn’t stopped Eric Vasille of iPhonesoft from imaging what the iPhone 6 and iOS 8 will look like. And what does he imagine? On the hardware-side of things, a […]        [Read More…]

Stealthy Tablet Stand Deploys Like A Switchblade

A promising prototype stand called the Plinth fits in a pocket but quickly deploys to support a large tablet, a smartphone or even an old-fashioned book. Developed by U.K. product designer John Bull, the super-portable Plinth would make it easier… Read more ›     

Tydlig Calculator Is Like Scrawling Numbers On Paper, Only Smarter

  You know how when you’re working with numbers on paper, and you draw a line from the result of one equation to kind of “link” the result to the beginnings of another? Like maybe you’re planning a New Year’s Eve party and you tot up the cost of drinks in one section, the fake […]        [Read More…]