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How to Follow the Tour de France On Your iDevice Like a ‘Patron’

cycking-news-tour-tracker-1  There are really only two good options for following this year’s Tour de France on your iPad or iPhone, and neither of them have had their performance enhanced by drugs (we think). The big feature of the NBC Sports Tour de France Live app is, as you might guess from the app title, its […]

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What Some Popular Apps Might Look Like When Redesigned For iOS 7

WhatsappiOS7Whether you love or hate iOS 7’s new parallax’d, flat and layered look, there’s no denying that most apps will need to undergo some big redesigns to fit in with the new UI Jony Ive’s presented. iOS 7 doesn’t come out until later this fall, giving developers plenty of time to update their UI to […]

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Anchor is Like Facebook, But More Fun, More Useful And For Coworkers Only [Daily Freebie]

anchor-2  The Cult of Mac team used Glassboard to help coordinate our reporting efforts at this year’s CES back in January. It was quick, simple, tied us all together and made the show a little less crazy. This time around, maybe we’ll dump Glassboard for Anchor, released today. It’s an app with the same basic […]

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Here’s What iOS 7 Looks Like On The iPad [Gallery]


We’ve seen a lot of what iOS 7 will look like on the iPhone, but for the past week there has been little info on the iPad version other than this video. The iOS 7 beta for iPad just came out though so we’ve already dug in and started to explore Jony Ive’s vision for the iPad.

Here is what iOS 7 looks like on an iPad:

Homescreen and Control CenterlockscreeniPadiOS7[Read More…]

Move Dashboard Around In Mission Control, Like Any Other Space [OS X Tips]

Dashboard As Space

Remember that the OS X Mavericks beta isn’t a final version—it’s meant to be used by developers to ensure that their software will work with Apple’s latest and greatest. With that disclaimer in mind, let’s check out yet another little feature in the beta.

Prior to OS X Mavericks beta, the Dashboard, loaded with useful widgets of all stripe, used to be limited to two states: disabled, or locked  [Read More…]

Halopad Stand Still Looks Like A Not-Ugly Ashtray

Readers with long memories for frustratingly future-distant Kickstarter projects might remember the Halopad. It was a “universal” iPad stand which I described generously as “like a pub ashtray with the bottom cut out” and – with even more generosity – “not ugly.” And now that the stand is finally for sale, I stand by both of those gushing endorsements.

IPad stands seem unneeded at first, but it soon becomes clear that  [Read More…]

Spider Holster Lens Pouch Hangs Off Your Belt Like A Dead Penguin

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rl4Xz9KI7r8?rel=0&w=640&h=360]

I no longer have to bother with the swapping of lenses since I traded in a box of the things for the fixed-lens Fujifilm X100S, but when I did I found that I never had enough hands to do it (for the record, I have the usual number of hands: two). If I’d been desperate enough, then, I might just have opted for the Spider Holster Large Pro Lens Pouch, a dork-tastic accessory which is nonetheless very practical.  [Read More…]

Former Apple Designer Has A Great Idea Of What iOS 7 Icons Should Look Like [Concept]

Yes please.

Yes please.

Louie Mantia is a renowned icon and visual interface designer in Silicon Valley who has worked at big companies like Apple and Square. He was involved in designing many of Apple’s pre-iOS 7 app icons, like Trailers, Remote, Garageband, and iBooks. He even designed the Starbucks and Obama campaign app icons, for crying out loud.

The point is that this guy knows good icon design. He’s posted the above  [Read More…]

Ampel Twin-Lens Camera Is Like Instagram IRL

Bonzart’s Ampel is a cool-looking – and cheap – digital camera styled on the TLR (twin-lens-reflex) cameras of old. But the retro case design isn’t just a gimmick: the Ampel actually packs some great featurres into the old-fashioned shape, including a dedicated tilt-shift lens.

TLRs used two lenses, one for taking and one for viewing. The bottom lens sat in front of the film, and the top lens used a mirror  [Read More…]

This Is What iOS 7 Will Look Like On The iPad

Remember when the iPad first appeared and everyone said “it’s just a big iPhone”? They were right. From the lock screen to the multitasking tray to the awful awful clock app the iPad really was running a blown-up version of the iPhone OS.

Now, though, it looks like Apple has finally designed iOS to sit properly on the iPad’s bigger screen. These screenshots, taken from X-Code’s device emulator, show what the iPad  [Read More…]