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Record Audio Just Like That With WavTap

That’s all there is to it

WavTap is a teeny tiny little audio recorder for recording whatever audio is playing through your Mac.

Forked from SoundFlower, WavTap sits in your Menu Bar and with a couple of clicks, starts recording whatever’s happening through your speakers.

Audio is saved straight to your desktop as a .wav file, which you can import straight into iTunes or play with QuickTime Player.

There  [Read More…]

MacLegion’s Holiday Bundle: 10 Quality Mac Apps Like Capo, djay, Fantastical, And RipIt For Only $50

Now that’s a deal.

MacLegion puts together some of the best Mac app bundles around, and this year’s holiday collection is certainly no exception. This may be one of the best bundles we’ve ever seen, in fact. The folks at MacLegion have assembled $ 540 worth of top-notch Mac software and bundled it together for only $ 50—that’s more than a 90% discount!

Included apps:

TechTool Pro

TechTool Pro 6 outperforms all other  [Read More…]

Dean’s Dragon Dream Is More Like A Nightmare [Review]

What do dragons dream of?

Roger Dean is famous for his fantasy world artwork, which graced many a record sleeve and book cover during the 1970s and 80s. His work is iconic and instantly recognisable to a generation.

This app – Dragon’s Dream – is an unfortunate foray into iOS. It fails to do justice to Dean’s skill as an artist, and fails to offer iOS gamers an experience worth five  [Read More…]

What It Looks Like When Steve Jobs Hangs Out With His Mini Steve Clone [Image]

Remember that freakishly realistic Steve Jobs action figure we showed you folks earlier this month? Well Legend Toys decided that Mini Steve was getting a little lonely, so they scheduled a play-date for him and an even bigger Steve Jobs doll.

Madame Tussauds’ Steve Jobs wax figure is finally complete, so the creators of the newest Steve Jobs action figure decided the two fake Jobses needed to meet up. We have no  [Read More…]

What It’s Like To Have A Beer And Fix A Car With Steve Jobs

Walter Isaacson’s biography of Steve Jobs is filled with a lot of personal anecdotes about what the charismatic Apple co-founder and ex-CEO was like in his personal life… and most of them were not very good at making Jobs look likable or human.

That’s why I was grateful to see this thread pop up on Quora, in which Tim Smith, the principal at the Applied Design Group talks about the time  [Read More…]

Your iPhone Is A Digital Suitcase, And This Case Makes It Look Like One

Back in the good old days of the 20th Century, a person’s edge-beaten leather suitcase might be the accessory they traveled with the most, with whom they had visited the most exotic of foreign, jasmine-scented climes, and it would be covered with stickers of all the places they’d visited.

These days, people don’t have as personal of a connection with their suitcases, and showing someone you’ve been somewhere is usually done  [Read More…]

Kata Revolver Bag, Like a Gun For Your Lenses

Camera bags are like iPad cases and murses — you can never have enough, and you can never find the perfect one. Now Kata, maker of some fine and very functional camera bags, has thrown yet more confusion into the mix with a unique new lens-storage solution.

The Kata Revolver-8 has a spinning section that lets you load lenses like you would load bullets into a gun.

Like most Kata backpacks, there’s a top  [Read More…]

Drift HD Ghost Looks Like One of The Most Fully-Loaded Action Cams We’ve Seen

Unlike some of the other newcomers to the quickly growing action-cam party (Sony, we’re looking at you), Drift has been making robust little video cameras for a while now. Their latest incarnation is the 1080p Drift HD Ghost, which looks like it’s been packaged with everything but the kitchen sink — including a large built-in screen and a wearable remote.

The screen, an optional item on most action cams, if offered at  [Read More…]

Remote Shutter Release For iPhone Looks Like a Roll Of Film

Gizmon’s remote shutter release for the iPhone is simple, effective and cheap. But its novelty styling in the shape of a roll of film is likely to baffle much of its potential audience.

The iCA Remote Shutter is a kit containing a male-to-male headphone cable and a switch. The switch mimics a roll of 35mm film, and pressing down the button on top fires the shutter. The “mechanics” are simple: the switch is a  [Read More…]

Now That Jony Ive Is In Charge Of iOS Design, Apps Could Start Looking Like This [Concept]

As part of the recent executive shakeup within Apple, industrial design guru Jony Ive has been put in charge of a new department that oversees the design of all hardware and software made by Apple. In essence, Ive is the quintessential tastemaker at Apple, a role formerly filled by the late Steve Jobs.

By now you’ve probably heard that Ive isn’t a fan of skeuomorphism, the make-it-look-retro-to-feel-familar design style that has  [Read More…]