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Flipboard For iPhone Is Like Having A Personalized Magazine In Your Pocket [Review]

Flipboard released its official iPhone app last night. Many users were frustrated initially with error messages during installation and adding services. The initial surge in traffic caused Flipboard’s servers to buckle under the strain, but the app came back online for most people this morning and it’s been working fine for me since. After playing with Flipboard on the iPhone, I love the way that it aggregates my  [Read More…]

Woz: Android Phones Are Failures Like The Lisa Or Apple III

Apple co-founder and burly all-around cuddle bear Steve Wozniak was in India last week to talk to up-and-coming entrepreneurs a thing or two about becoming a technology legend, and while he was there, he gave a great interview in which he said that competing smartphones were “failures,” just like the Apple III and the Lisa.   Speaking on an Indian television program called Sunday MIDDAY, Woz said: The Apple III  [Read More…]

Enable Retina- Like HiDPI Display Modes In OS X Lion [Video How-To]

Mac OS X Lion includes buried “HiDPI” display modes, which brings the possibility of Retina Display Macs one step closer to reality. Essentially, these display modes make user interface elements twice the resolution typically found on Macs, therefore increasing clarity and detail throughout the UI. This is exactly how the iPhone handles graphics with the Retina Display, and provides some insight into what Apple might be planning for future iterations of  [Read More…]

This Awesome Dock Is Designed To Make Your iPad 2 Look Like An Apple I

While Apple computers today are famous for their svelte aluminum enclosures, the company’s first machine — born way back in 1976 — was made out of wood. In a bid to bring back that look, the iStation dock attempts turns your iPad 2 into the original Apple Computer.   It’s the perfect Christmas gift for Apple fans who remember the first computer built by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in  [Read More…]

This Machined, Articulated iPad Stand Looks Kinda Like a Scuplture

Just like the Hanfree iPad stand we featured back when it was a Kickstarter pipe-dream (it’s real now though), Dave Culter’s Flote iPad stand blends decor, design and device. The result? An iPad stand that lets you position your iPad anywhere you damn well please — and looks good doing it. Reminiscent of ’50s industrial design, the metal (we’re assuming it’s aluminum alloy), machined stand has an articulated arm that will allow the iPad to be placed in pretty much  [Read More…]

Nice iPhone – Would You Like A Camera With That? [Concept Apple Stuff]

iCam concept by Antonio De Rosa This is/will be/will never be the iCam, an un-product from the mind of Antonio De Rosa that combines a sleek future maybe-iPhone and a chunky interchangeable lens camera system.   Most of the iCam would comprise an aluminum camera body with lens mount, sensor (presumably), front-facing touch screen, and mini projector. Into the lens mount would fit a series of Apple’s own  [Read More…]

Simple Ways To Make OS X More Like iOS [Video How-To]

Mac OS X Lion includes many features that are very similar to those found in iOS. In this video, I’ll show you how to expand it even further, and make Mac OS X Lion even more like iOS.   Growl can be found here. Growl iOS theme can be found here.

AT&T’s New Concept Store In Chicago Is More Like The Apple Store

AT&T is set to unveil a new store in the bustling metropolis of Chicago tomorrow, and the new space takes multiple cues from the Apple Stores that we’ve all come to know and love. The carrier has spent recent months studying some of the most successful retail brands, including Apple, in an attempt to create a better in-store experience for customers. As part of AT&T’s new concept store, employees will  [Read More…]

Google’s Superchef Explains What It Was Like To Cook For Steve Jobs [Video]

At Google’s Silicon Valley headquarters, they serve up to 15,000 meals per day to some of the illuminati of tech, including more than a few celebrities, without a blink. But according to Google superchef Charlie Ayers, when Steve Jobs entered the Google cafeteria, everything was different: the employees parted like “Moses before the Red Sea.” Jobs liked Ayers’s food so much that when Ayers left Google to open his own restaurant, the Calafia Cafe, Steve Jobs followed him, and even  [Read More…]

iOS 5 Has a Secret Autocorrect Keyboard Feature Just Like Android

It seems that panoramic camera feature isn’t the only thing that Apple is hiding inside its latest iOS 5 software. There’s also an autocorrect keyboard feature just like that found on Android devices, which suggests words as you type making it quicker and easier than ever to type on an iOS device. The feature was discovered by iOS hacker Sonny Dickson, and just like the hidden panoramic feature, the autocorrect  [Read More…]