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Here’s To Hoping Apple’s Future Macs Charge Our Other Gadgets Like This [Video]

www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXDCR41huhQ Following this morning’s discovery of a new Apple patent for inductive charging, MacRumors points to a video from WiTricity, the company that develops magnetic resonance charging technology, which demonstrates a much better method for wirelessly charging our Apple gadgets using our Macs as a power source. MacRumors has drawn our attention to WiTricity’s technology before, which looks like the ideal way to charge our iOS devices — in addition to our Bluetooth keyboards, mice, and other gadgets. The technology is based  [Read More…]

Is This What The iPad 3 / iPad 2 HD Will Look Like? [Gallery]

We loved Mac Magazine’s previous mockups of what they thought the iPhone 5 would look like, but I think their concepts of the rumored October addition to the iPad family — the Retina Display packing iPad 2+, otherwise known as the iPad 3 and the iPad HD — is even better.   [Read More…]

The Next iPhone Prototype Leaked Photo, Looks Just like iPhone 4

According to a post from a Weibo user – Reported by Appe.pro -  who Alleges to have a prototype of the next iPhone, The design is the same as the iPhone 4. It’s running the iPhone test software which we have seen before on test units.       [Read More…]

Watch 880 iPhones Dance Like Fireflies In The Sky [Video]

This is hypnotic. Crowdflow.net tracked the movement of 880 iPhones through Europe in 2011 and then put together this video, showing where they ended up. The results look like stars swirling in a nebula, or bioluminescent plankton mating in the ink black sea. [via GigaOm]

JP Morgan Says Other Tablets Not Selling Like iPad Hotcakes

According to JP Morgan analyst Mark Moskowitz Apple’s competitors have turned off some ovens in their bakeries after “an early dose of reality.” Flagiship tablet devices such as Motorola’s Zoom, Research In Motion’s BlackBerry Playbook, and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab have had a weak showing so far. As a result the companies have dipped their build plans by 10% due to the lack of sales. This doesn’t mean the devices aren’t selling units at all, it  [Read More…]

Speech-To-Text in OS X Lion May Sound Like This

Click the image to open in full size. The partnership between leader in speech recognition, and text-to-speech software Nuance, and Apple has been well documented in recent weeks. In the latest build of OS X Lion released to developers Apple has incorporated (pictured above) Nuance’s technology into both iOS 5 and Mac OS X. Below are some links to what the new improved text-to-speech function in Lion will likely sound like. Nuance Mei-Ling Mandarin  [Read More…]

Taposé To Bring Microsoft’s Courier Like Experience To iPad

We’re sure everyone remembers the Microsoft Courier, the much-anticipated though ultimately cancelled dual-screen tablet. The idea was an intriguing one – two screens and an operating system that utilized both pen and gesture inputs. It was funky, but Microsoft said they could never put it into production and a little bit of every geek on the planet died along with it. If only our iPads could recreate some of that magic.

[Read More…]

The Improved iOS Notifications System: This Is What It Should Look Like [Concept]

Last month we brought you a proposed new way for Apple to handle notifications and popups inside iOS. Designed by Shawn Hickman, the system used the Spotlight page to list notifications ready for taking action on. We liked it, and we hoped Apple would use it when revamping notifications in iOS 5. But now there’s a new kid on the block – and it’s lovely.

Designed by David Connell,  [Read More…]