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What iPhone would have looked like back in 1984

Apple has become the most valuable company in the world thanks to the incredible success of the iPhone. Over half a billion iPhones have been sold since the original was released in 2007, but do you ever wonder what the…Read more ›

Google’s new mobile wallet is just like Apple Pay

Google’s first attempt to revolutionize mobile payments didn’t work out so well. Nearly four years after introducing Google Wallet, the company announced at Google IO this morning that it’s replacing its first mobile wallet solution with a new app called…Read more ›

Michael Fassbender still doesn’t look much like Steve Jobs in first teaser trailer

The first official trailer for the Steve Jobs movie we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. The one-minute clip gives us an early look at Michael Fassbender as Apple’s co-founder and former CEO, along with co-stars Kate Winslet, Seth…Read more ›

Netflix CEO’s vision for the future of TV sounds just like Apple’s

Netflix is killing it right now, so I’d be inclined to believe founder and CEO Reed Hastings when he chips in with his thoughts on the future of TV. And, wouldn’t you know it, when he gave a speech about…Read more ›

Save up to 92% on favorite lifetime deals like Stone River Academy and iOS developer training [Deals]

Leave the cramming to college students. If you prefer to learn on your own time, we’ve rounded up our best deals on lifetime-access packages for coding courses, WordPress theme builders, finance classes and more. Plus, check out Cult of Mac’s…Read more ›

What Westeros would look like in Apple Maps

Let’s just leave aside the obvious Apple Maps jokes, here, and focus on how cool this Etsy user’s map is. It’s Westeros, George R. R. Martin’s now famous land from Game of Thrones, made to look like a modern map…Read more ›

What it would be like if Siri was actually your mom

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching, which means that annual 30-minute phone call with mom is just around the corner. For me, it’s borderline unbearable to talk on the phone that long, but the folks over at Daily Dot have imagined…Read more ›

This is what new Star Wars droid BB-8 would look like in space gray

With its roly-poly looks and infectious personality, new droid BB-8 looks primed to be a real scene-stealer when Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits theaters at the end of the year. And now we know what the ballsy little bot…Read more ›

World’s first Gold-plated Apple Watch looks just like a real Edition

Casey Neistat showed us a brilliant way to turn your cheapo Apple Watch into a luxurious gold Edition, but if you’d like to make your fake Edition look just like the real thing, you can now get it gold plated…Read more ›

Apple wants Siri to give you navigation instructions like a human

Getting direction from a computer sucks, but that could soon change based on a new patent filed by Apple for “Humanized Navigation Instructions for Mapping Applications. Rather than receiving instructions from an emotion-less robot, Apple’s new patent would make Siri’s…Read more ›