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Verizon Charges The Government $775 To Eavesdrop On A Phone Line

galaxy-nexus-verizon-650x432It’s no secret the the U.S. government enjoys taking certain liberties with citizens’ privacy by wiretapping cellphones, but did you know that each time Uncle Sam decides to peek in someone’s phone records they get a big bill from the carrier? AT&T charges the government a $325 “activation free” for each wiretap and then they […]

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Alleged iPhone 5S Batteries Pictured On Assembly Line

iPhone-5S-batteries-smallAn image of what is claimed to be a bunch of new batteries for the iPhone 5S on an assembly line has surfaced today. If it is genuine, it confirms the iPhone 5S will be battery-powered like its predecessors, and it debunks rumors that have claimed Apple will turn to more traditional energy means such as coal […]

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This Might Be The First Photo Of The iPhone 5S Display On An Assembly Line

iphone-5s-productionG4Games has posted a photo from the Chinese blogging site Weibo, that allegedly shows the iPhone 5S front display on an assembly line. We’ve seen a few pictures of the iPhone 5S front display, but until now, no one has seen these parts actually used on an assembly line. While the pictures are surely a […]

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If Apple Doesn’t Perform Well, Tim Cook Has Millions In Stock On The Line


Top Apple executives get really good stock compensation as an incentive to stay with the company. In the past, stock awards have typically been granted by Apple’s board on a restricted basis, meaning that a certain number of shares is set aside to be given years down the road. The obvious incentive is that the executive does well and helps Apple succeed so that the stock is cashed in for more  [Read More…]

What OS X 10.10 Will Look Like After Jony Ive Brings It In Line With iOS 7


One thing’s for sure: once you have iOS 7 installed, OS X Mavericks sticks out like a sore thumb. iOS 7 is where Apple’s software design is headed, and OS X Mavericks is what Apple’s software design aesthetic is fleeing from.

Clearly, OS X Mavericks was left alone this year because Apple couldn’t concentrate on two design overhauls at once. Instead, Ive & Co. simply satisfied themselves with stripping out some  [Read More…]

Secure Remove Files & Directories from Mac OS X with the Command Line

Terminal logo Need to securely delete a file, group of files, or an entire directory, insuring that it’s quite literally never recoverable by any known possible means? You can do this easily from the command line with the help of an incredibly powerful tool called srm. srm, as you may have guessed, stands for ‘secure removal’, and is a secure version of the commonly used ‘rm’ command that exists in virtually  [Read More…]

Watch Network Traffic in Mac OS X via Command Line with nettop

Mac OS X includes an excellent command line network utility called “nettop” that allows users to monitor all network activity, traffic, and routes from a Mac to the outside world, both through local (LAN) and wide area (WAN) connections. If you’re unfamiliar with networking tools like this, you can think of nettop as a network centric task manager, displaying active networking connections, sockets and routes, their respective names and process id, the state of the connection and whether the connection  [Read More…]

Create a Large File from the Command Line or Disk Utility for Testing Purposes

Large empty files are often used for testing purposes during disk access tests, development, QA, zeroing out data, and scripting. Though it’s certainly not applicable to most users, it’s easy enough to do that anyone can try it out even if you don’t have a specific need.

We’ll cover three ways to quickly generate files of virtually any size, two will use the command line; one being operating system agnostic and the other OS X specific, and another more  [Read More…]

Slide On The Dotted Line To Riffle Your Way Through An iBook [iOS Tips]

When reading an iBook on your iPad or iPhone, you typically tap the right side of the page to go forward, and tap the left side of the page to go backward, right? If you want to skip to a different part of the iBook, you can tap on the table of contents button in the upper left and tap to the chapter you want to go to.

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Mount & Unmount Drives from the Command Line in Mac OS X

Terminal The easiest way to unmount a drive in OS X is to either just drag a volume into the Trash, use the eject keys, disconnect the drive, or use one of the force eject methods. Along the same lines, if you want to remount a drive you can usually just physically unplug the drive and plug it back again. But what if you want to be able to mount, unmount,  [Read More…]