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Android Isnít Free: Google Licensees Might Face Global Crackdown Over Linux License Violations

Google, along with a number of other companies who distribute the Android operating system, could be without the necessary license required to distribute Linux-based software and may therefore be using the operating system unlawfully, potentially at the risk of a complete shutdown of the Android OS.   Hereís the deal in a nutshell. Googleís Android OS is built upon Linuxís source code, which is under a GPL license. GPL licenses insist that  [Read More…]

FileXChange Enable You To Transfer Files Between iPhone and Android, Mac, Windows and Linux

FileXChange is a new application developed by iStartApp to exchange files on your iPhone, iPodTouch and iPad. With a single click, you can send any type of file towards Windows, Mac, Linux and Android devices. You can use your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad as a USB to transfer files anywhere without iTunes.FileXChange features:Very easy to use: intuitive graphics and video tutorialFile transfer is via Wi-Fi or via BluetoothTransfer files to and from major operating systems, including  [Read More…]

Hack Brings Linux Back To The PS3 [How-To Guide]

Ever since Sony deemed users not worthy of installing a 2nd operating system onto its PlayStation 3 gaming console – after initially touting it as a feature – the hacking community has been on the lookout for a way to re-instating the option. A new hack does just that, allowing users of a Linux-persuasion to install a separate OS.

Available now from PSX-Scene, the hack will allow users to  [Read More…]