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OS X Lion May Have Stalled, Stuck As Third Most Popular Mac OS [Report]

Photo by Elsie esq. – http://flic.kr/p/a6fAmb

Just how popular is OS X Lion 10.7, compared to is predecessors? “Lion’s adoption has been less than stellar,” says one online ad firm. Yet the figures don’t seem to jive with other Internet surveys, as well as Apple. Who’s right? As often is the case, it depends on who you ask.   Although Apple used Lion to migrate many iOS behaviors and features  [Read More…]

Mac OS X Lion Shares Growing Quickly

Mac OS X Lion, Apple’s newest desktop and laptop operating system, is growing very quickly. Mac OS X Lion was announced by Steve Jobs, Apple’s previous CEO, sometime this summer and since then it has come a long way. It’s been through numerous betas and updates, and many are warming up to the feel of the new multi-touch gestures and full screen applications. It also sports new features such as Mission Control and Launchpad which  [Read More…]

Reskin Google Reader with a Mac OS X Lion Theme

Google Reader Mac OS X Lion Theme Google recently revamped their popular RSS aggregator (subscribe to our feed while you’re at it) Google Reader with a new look, if you’re not thrilled about the new appearance you can apply a theme to make G Reader look similar to a native OS X 10.7 application. You’ll need to be using a newer version of the Chrome browser or Firefox for the best  [Read More…]

[How To] Enable Full Screen Apps in Most Mac Applications (OS X Lion Only)

Do you want to enable Lion’s native full screen app feature on most Mac applications? Follow this guide. You will need: Mac OS X Lion Maximizer 1.0 Beta 3 SIMBL 0.9.9 Thanks to Grant Paul (chpwn), you can have most (or more specifically, all Cocoa) applications run in full screen mode. This little hack is useful for when you want to have less distractions from the pixels around your currently opened window, or if you have  [Read More…]

Java Update for OS X Lion + Snow Leopard

Some Mac users can grab a Java update today. Java is an important part of your computer, it even powers billions of other devices. It’s a piece of software that is important for web browsers – and more. Java is recommended for everyone that uses a computer. Windows users can download Java from Java’s main website while Mac users get a special kind of Java that Apple provides as updates through Macintosh Apple Software Update.  [Read More…]

OS X Lion Sandboxing Is A Killjoy Destined To Ruin Our Mac Experience

Mac OS X developers have been given a few extra months to accept the Mac App Store app sandboxing requirements… or to forget about selling their apps through Apple’s store altogether. Originally, the deadline was November 1st, but Apple has since uncharacteristically extended the deadline to March 1, 2012. After that, all apps sold in the Mac App Store must use Mac OS X Lion’s new sandboxing framework. That framework is  [Read More…]

Restoring Colorful Finder Sidebar Icons In Lion [Video How-To]

OS X Lion’s Finder is noticeably more drab than its predecessor. The once-colorful sidebar icons have now turned a rather flat shade of gray. In this video, I’ll show you how to restore color to your Finder sidebar icons.     Simbl: http://trdd.us/simbl Colorful Sidebar: http://trdd.us/colorbar

Still Having Lion Wi-Fi Problems? This Solution Works

Lion WiFi Problems Resolved We’ve published a variety of fixes for wireless connections dropping in Lion, and even a keepalive script that helps many users maintain a connection in some of the stubborn cases, but some Mac OS X Lion users continue to have problems with their internet connection failing. After diagnosing another MacBook with wireless stability problems post-Lion, I found a solution that hasn’t failed yet and doesn’t require any  [Read More…]

It Just Got Really Easy to Install Mac OS X Lion on Your Hackintosh

It just got a whole lot easier to install Lion on your hackintosh, thanks to Tonymacx86?s new “UniBeast” bootable USB drive utility. In case you didn’t know, a hackintosh is basically a PC that’s been modified to run OS X, and some people create pretty sweet hackintosh setups for half the price of an Apple-branded equivalent. UniBeast is a new tool that makes it easy to install Apple’s  [Read More…]

AirPlay Mirroring And iMessages Coming To OS X Lion? [Rumor]

This weekend broke news that Apple was already hard at work on OS X 10.8, so it would be natural to assume that in the next version of OS X, Cupertino will bring even more iOS functionality to their desktop operating system: stuff like Airplay and iMessages. Nope. But don’t be too disappointed. AirPlay and iMessages are reportedly coming to OS X 10.7 Lion, instead.   9to5Mac reports that AirPlay  [Read More…]