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How Aaron Sorkin’s interview with Lisa changed Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’ relationship with his first daughter, Lisa, plays a major role in the upcoming Steve Jobs movie, but according to screen writer Aaron Sorkin, that wouldn’t have been the case had he not scored a key interview even Walter Isaacson never got. Lisa Brennan-Jobs, Steve’s first daughter, spent some time with Aaron Sorkin before he […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Steve Jobs’s daughter Lisa will be the “heroine” of Aaron Sorkin’s biopic

Between Pirates of Silicon Valley and Jobs, there have already been two Steve Jobs bio pics. How’s Aaron Sorkin’s upcoming joint going to be able to differentiate itself from them? Apparently, by casting Steve Jobs’s estranged daughter as the film’s…Read more ›

Apple Lisa expected to fetch a whopping $42K at auction

Remember that original Apple Lisa computer you’ve got in the basement, boxed next to your old VHS player and Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots toys? It may be time to dust it off and take it an auction house. That’s…Read more ›

Vintage Apple Auction News: Twiggy Mac Sells for $33k, No Sale for Apple 1 and Lisa 1

Markets rise and markets fall – that’s true for stocks, real estate, tulips, etc. That’s also true with vintage computers – though even in a down market there’s still some money to be made. At an auction in Germany held…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Woz: Android Phones Are Failures Like The Lisa Or Apple III

Apple co-founder and burly all-around cuddle bear Steve Wozniak was in India last week to talk to up-and-coming entrepreneurs a thing or two about becoming a technology legend, and while he was there, he gave a great interview in which he said that competing smartphones were failures, just like the Apple III and the Lisa.   Speaking on an Indian television program called Sunday MIDDAY, Woz said: The Apple III  [Read More…]

Read the Original Brochure for Apples Groundbreaking Lisa

People from the 1980s using the Apple Lisa. Weve got a special one for you, folks. My dear friend and colleague Bill Scott found a delightful treasure while riffling through his archive a few weeks ago: the original brochure for the Lisa, Apples very first graphical user interface computer with a mouse. Bill worked at Hovey-Kelley Design when the firm created the first mouse (his beautiful sketches can be seen at  [Read More…]