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Lust List: Hot gear for the dead of winter

View the List of Songs Which Siri Identified in iOS

Now that Siri can identify songs that are playing, similar to the Shazam app service, you’ll probably appreciate knowing that you can easily go back and see a list of songs that Siri has found and detected. This is great since it basically keeps a running tab of what music you asked your iPhone to … Read More

Tasty gifts for the cooks on your list

Surely you know one of these people: They’re not intimidated by a complicated recipe, and they can turn a handful of random ingredients into something delectable. They stare dreamily at the windows when they walk by Sur La Table or…Read more ›

Lust List: Heart-pumping, dart-thumping gear (and a blinkin’ Apple book)

ICYMI: Gift guides for everyone on your list

We’re a bit early this week, but wanted to make sure you got all the Cult of Mac goodness in one fine compilation in time for your four-day weekend. Dig in and enjoy a whole slew of gift guides, including…Read more ›

Smart gifts for the college students on your list

You might think college students are tricky to shop for, but in reality that couldn’t be further from the truth. Since they’re constantly swamped with homework and simultaneously managing a busy social life, all they want is stuff that makes…Read more ›

Lust List: Lock, socks and totally smokin’ gear

Lust List: Apple wrappers and other showstoppers

Shatterproof and water-resistant? Full iPhone 6 spec list contains surprises

Bad news for anyone in the cellphone repair business! A full list of the iPhone 6 specs we’ve received from a source in China says not only is the iPhone 6 water-resistant but that the screen is shatterproof. Not “scratch-resistant”…Read more ›

List All Network Hardware from the Command Line in OS X

The networksetup utility offers a command line interface to configuring the variety of Mac networking features available in OS X. We’ve discussed networksetup and accompanying features many times here for more advanced purposes, but one of the simpler uses of networksetup is that it can list out every piece of networking hardware attached to a … Read More