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Ping a Misplaced iPhone with Apple Watch to Help Locate It

Misplacing an iPhone is a fairly regular occurrence for many of us, maybe it slipped between the cushions on a couch, maybe you left it in another room, maybe it fell somewhere under the seats in the car, maybe it’s in the backyard, anything is possible. Fortunately for Apple Watch owners, they can use the … Read More

Quickly Locate iPhone Ringtones & Text Tones Stored Locally

iPhone ringtone folder

iPhone ringtones and text tones – both of which are .m4r files – are stored in the same location in the file system, whether they were made with iTunes, bought from the iTunes Store, converted from another format with QuickTime, or whether you downloaded them from elsewhere.

The ringtone storage folder in OS X is:

~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Tones/

In Windows, they will be stored in the \My Music\iTunes Media\Tones\, though  [Read More…]

Father Uses Find My iPhone To Locate Teenage Son Following Car Accident


Are you using Find My iPhone yet?

Apple’s Find My iPhone service is often used to locate thieves who have stolen iOS devices, but it can also be a life saver.¬†A 17-year-old was air lifted to hospital on Friday, November 2, following a car accident in Santa Barbara, California. But if it wasn’t for Find My iPhone, paramedics would have struggled to find him.

The boy’s vehicle was found 200 feet  [Read More…]

Use Siri And The Find My Friends App To Locate Your Pals By Voice [iOS Tip]

While the feature is currently still in beta, Apple is yet to extend Siri support to apps that arenít already baked into the iOS operating system. But did you know that the companyís own Find My Friends app, which debuted alongside iOS 5 last summer, does include Siri support, allowing you to locate your pals using only your voice? Hereís you to find your friends using Siri. Of course, you  [Read More…]