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Twitter Updates iOS App To Include Location-Based Trends And Better Vine Playback



Twitter’s default app for iPhone isn’t necessarily our favorite app for tweeting, but it appears Twitter is starting to get more serious about edging out its competition.

A new update for the Twitter app for iOS was just released today with a new location-based Trends feature. The update also includes the ability to invite friends to join Twitter, better playback on Vine videos, replies to retweets now have more information, and  [Read More…]

Apple Updates Find My Friends To Include Better Location-Based Alerts



The ugly tan leather and stitching is still there, but Apple has a new feature for its Find My Friends app that users will find pretty useful. Apple just updated Find My Friends so that users can setup up geofences and receive a notification once a friend leaves a designated area.

Users have always been able to create location-based alerts, but Find My Friends 2.1 now lets users adjust the sensitivity of  [Read More…]

Location-Based Life Is Magic RPG iOS Game Out Now

Life is Magic is a location-based free-to-play game that uses your actual location to populate its fantasy/steampunk-themed role playing game (RPG). We reported on it back in September after a meetup with the game developers at PAX, but the game is live on the App Store now.

It’s like an online multiplayer game that turns the real world around you into a gorgeously illustrated land of magic, complete with dungeons, monsters, and  [Read More…]

Life Is Magic Is Location-Based iOS Gaming Like Youve Never Seen Before

You may have played any one of a half-dozen similar location-based games on the App Store, from PerBlue’s Parallel Mafia and Parallel Kingdom to Self Aware’s Fleck, but you’ve never seen a location-based game like Life Is Magic before.

Red Robot Labs has kicked state-of-the-art up another gigantic notch in the genre with Life Is Magic, a location-based game like no other I’ve seen. Most games like this pull data from Google  [Read More…]

New App Allows You to Leave Location-Based Messages, Videos for Others [Daily Freebie]

First there were posts, then tweets. Now we�ve got a new word to use as a method for sharing bits of ourselves: the cling.

�What the &#%$ is a cling,� you�re probably asking right now. So here�s the deal: If you use developer MyCityWay�s new free app�Clingle, you can leave virtual stuff for others to find � including messages, photos, videos and iTunes songs � at a particular location, which are  [Read More…]