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How to View Logs from iPhone and iPad on a Mac

The iPhone and iPad generate logs of some system activity, including app crashes and other potentially interesting or helpful data. By connecting an iOS device to a Mac, you can review those logs. Browsing through log data is generally only useful for developers and advanced users, either for troubleshooting or diagnostic purposes, but it may … Read More

Mac OS X 10.9 Pops Up In Our Server Logs

Our friend Roman ZavÅ™el over at Letemsvetemapplem.eu emailed us to let us know that he’d spotted the first initial appearances of OS X 10.9 in his server logs. We checked ours, and what do you know: we’ve also gotten a handful of visitors reporting the next version of OS X as their operating system.

With OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion released just a few months ago, it would normally be too  [Read More…]

Mac OS X 10.9 Development Under Way, Regularly Appearing in Analytics Logs

Mac OS X 10.9 appearing in 9to5mac web logs

Development of the next major release of Mac OS X is well under way, with version OS X 10.9 regularly appearing in web analytics logs of OSXDaily, 9to5mac, AppleInsider, CultofMac, and several other Apple-related websites. This was first brought to light today by 9to5mac, whose graph above shows a handful of visitors from Cupertino California running a new, unreleased version of Mac OS,  [Read More…]

New Mac Malware Steals All The Passwords You Enter Into Your Browser & Logs Your Keystrokes

Here’s another piece of Mac malware you’ll want to avoid.

Dr Web, a Russian antivirus software specialist, has discovered a new piece of malware that targets computers running Mac OS X and Linux. Named “Wirenet.1,” once installed the software steals all of the passwords you enter into your web browser, mail client, and other apps, and has the ability to log your keystrokes.

ITWire reports that the malware targets popular Mac browsers  [Read More…]

Two New iPad Minis Spotted In Instapaper Developer Logs

Has Apple been running Instapaper on the iPad mini?

iOS developer Marco Arment has discovered two new iPads — believed to be two iterations of the upcoming iPad mini — in his Instapaper developer logs. The devices have the “iPad2,5″ and “iPad2,6″ model numbers, according to their operating system, which haven’t been seen before, and could point to Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + cellular versions of the device.

While Arment notes that these  [Read More…]

Get Crash Reports & Logs From iPhone or iPad Without Xcode

iOS Crash Log

Whether you’re troubleshooting app crashes, beta testing an app, or you just want to help an iOS developer out after you’ve discovered a particular bug, you can retrieve crash reports from any app on an iOS device once it has been synced to a computer. This can be done outside of Xcode, and here’s how to do so in Mac OS X and a Windows PC:

Accessing iOS Crash  [Read More…]

Steve Jobs Was Right, Android Logs Everything [Video]

Back in April, Apple had a bit of a PR problem when it was discovered that iPhones were storing a cache of data on which GPS locations that handset had visited in an unencrypted file. The whole thing was just a bug, but the controversy was dubbed LocationGate, and Apple even had to testify in front of the Senate about the matter. The whole fiasco even prompted an email from Steve Jobs, which dropped something of a bombshell: he said  [Read More…]

Dual-Mode iPhone 5 With Support for CDMA & GSM Networks Appears in App Developer Logs

Since launching the CDMA iPhone for Verizon back in February, Apple has been producing two models of the iPhone 4: one for AT&T, and one for Verizon. A dual-mode iPhone 5 with support for both CDMA and GSM networks seems like a no-brainer next time around, then, and according to at least one iOS app developer, the device is all but confirmed by logs that show a dual-mode device in testing.  [Read More…]