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iPad 5 To Look Just Like iPad Mini, Low-Cost iPhone Coming To China In 2013 [Report]


Apple’s fifth-generation iPad is expected to finally ditch the existing design and adopt a new form factor that’s said to be much like the iPad mini’s, according to a new report that has surfaced today. A physical model of the device indicates it will be significantly smaller in almost every way, with virtually no bezel down the sides of the display.

As for the iPhone 5S, that’s expected to be very  [Read More…]

The Apple Store’s Iconic Look Is Now Trademarked


The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office has today published Apple’s latest trademark certificate, which covers the “distinctive design & layout” of its iconic retail stores. The Cupertino company originally filed for the trademark back in May 2010, nine years after the first Apple store opened its doors in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

The trademark consists of two designs, according to Patently Apple, which first discovered the new certificate — one in color  [Read More…]

Photopoll iPhone App Lets You Ask Your Friends, ‘Which Dress Do I Look Better In?’ [Daily Freebie]


Photopoll is a sort of mashup between Instagram and Polldaddy, the super-useful poll tool we often use here at Cult of Mac. Just plug in some photos from Instagram, Amazon.com or your iPhone’s Camera Roll, and ask friends to vote for photos based on an accompanying question. Wild-yet-informative wackiness ensues.

You can share up to five images under a single question (and, obviously, you’ll want to have at least two). You can  [Read More…]

Oh Look, Jony Ive Ate Pizza With Silicon Valley’s Most Powerful People Last Night [Image]


Everybody wants to be Jony Ive’s friend, so he probably gets invited to a lot of the dinners where Silicon Valley’s elite just hangout, scarf down pizza, and get blitzed on wine. We rarely see pictures of such events, but last night a picture was posted of Sir Jony himself hanging out with 11 of the most powerful people in Silicon Valley.

The dinner was hosted by Nirav Tolia – a  [Read More…]

Temple Run 2: Don’t Stop Running, And Don’t Look Down [Review]

Temple Run 2

Beware, this sequel may make you afraid of heights.

For a game that’s been downloaded over 170 million times and spawned countless ripoffs, the sequel to Temple Run came as a complete shock. The smash-hit endless runner started sneaking into App Stores around the world yesterday, and it went live in the U.S. late last night. Imangi Studios, the small company behind Temple Run, had no promotional material or teasers  [Read More…]

What An iPhone Mini, iPhone 5S And iPad 5 Could Look Like [Gallery]


We know that Apple’s product roadmap for 2013 will consist of new iPads, iPhones and Macs. That’s nothing new. Apple is always working on new stuff, and if 2012 is anything to go by, we’re about to see an onslaught of new products.

Martin Hajek is a successful designer, and his work has been featured multiple times here on Cult of Mac. His iPad mini and iPhone 5 concepts from last  [Read More…]

This Is What Game Center Should Look Like In iOS 7 [Concept]

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 12.21.55 PM

Awhile back we showed you a great concept for a redesigned iOS Notes app. The concept was part of Cult of Mac reader and designer Adrian Maciburko’s iOS 7 “Crystal Interface” idea. Now Maciburko has shared a redesigned Game Center interface that does away with the skeuomorphism in iOS 6. No more woodgrain or felt textures.

“I believe the Game Center app would benefit by changing to a slide out  [Read More…]

Use Quick Look Plugins To View Markdown And Other Files, Right In The Finder

Do you use Markdown to write for the web, or for publishing? And does it drive you crazy that every time you search through the Finder for your documents, you have to open them up in a text editor just to see which one is which?

Sure, you could use meaningful file names to identify them, but who has time for that? What you need is QLMarkdown, a neat Quick Look plugin for the Mac.

  [Read More…]

IMDb Hits Version 3.0 With Fresh Look, Recommendations, And More On iPad

The IMDb app is one of my favorites on the iPad, so I was pleased to see that it received a pretty big update today with a lot of new features. Version 3.0 brings a new user interface that focuses on showcasing movies and TV shows in a visually appealing way. There’s a full-featured Watchlist and recommendations that are tailored to each user.

The general experience of browsing photos and lists  [Read More…]

This Is Exactly What A Credit Card From Apple Would Look Like [Image]



Would Apple ever make a credit card? They’ve got millions of credit cards on file for iTunes and App Store purchases. They could integrate it with Passbook. And they’ve got over $ 100 billion in cash just chillin in the bank, so why not?

We don’t think Apple would ever make a credit card, but it’s an interesting idea that the guys at Credit Card Compare dreamed up –  [Read More…]