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Windows 8 First Look [Video]

Here’s something rather exciting. Microsoft has just released a video for the upcoming Windows 8.  

Customize the Look and Feel of Your iPhone Calculator with ‘My Custom Calc’

It doesn’t take a calculator to add up how many design and appearance options come with your iPhone’s preloaded calculator tool – zero. This big, fat goose-egg provided the impetus for a new app that makes your iPhone calculator customizable in lots of cool ways. And we have the team at Happenstance LLC to thank for this free and download-worthy addition to the App Store. A few hours ago, I connected with Christopher Lee of  [Read More…]

Inside Apple: A Look Behind The Curtain At Steve Jobs And Apple’s Inner Working

Apple is one of the most secretive companies on the planet. They don’t (tend to) leak things, they don’t tell anyone what’s going on behind the scenes. But now Fortune has managed to get behind the curtain at the Cupertino outfit, and the stories coming out are intriguing.

Written by Adam Lashinsky and part of Fortune’s 500th issue and available now on iPad, the article explains some of the  [Read More…]

The Improved iOS Notifications System: This Is What It Should Look Like [Concept]

Last month we brought you a proposed new way for Apple to handle notifications and popups inside iOS. Designed by Shawn Hickman, the system used the Spotlight page to list notifications ready for taking action on. We liked it, and we hoped Apple would use it when revamping notifications in iOS 5. But now there’s a new kid on the block – and it’s lovely.

Designed by David Connell,  [Read More…]