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$230,000 Space Pirate timepiece makes Apple Watch look like a bargain

Horological Machine No. 6 looks like something you’d see strapped to the wrist of an interstellar raider. Maybe that’s why Swiss watchmaker MB&F dubbed its lunatic $ 230,000 watch the “Space Pirate.” The watch, which its maker says “has been designed…Read more ›

A look at the first Apple Watch apps plus Periscope Vs. Meercat On The CultCast

This week on The CultCast: with Apple Watch apps now hitting the store, we discuss some of the most popular ones. And if you want an Apple Watch you absolutely need to pre-order—we’ll tell you why and how. Plus: Periscope!…Read more ›

NASA’s new Mars technology has a familiar look: the flying saucer

Flying saucers from Mars is the stuff of science fiction. But a flying saucer from Earth is part of the mission to get astronauts to the Martian surface. NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory completed a successful spin test of…Read more ›

Apple is officially ready to look at your Watch app

Apple today announced that all members of its Developer Program can now officially submit Watch apps to the App Store; potentially triggering a gold rush similar to that seen when devs were first able to create iPhone apps early on…Read more ›

Game Boy camera pictures look primitive — and that’s refreshing

We turned up our noses at the first digital pictures because they didn’t look as good as film. The camera added to the Nintendo Game Boy in 1998 certainly didn’t make the case for a digital future. The bulbous attachment…Read more ›

This is what the iPhone 6s will look like in rose gold

When Dutch conceptual artist Martin Hajek heard that the next iPhone 6s might come with a rose gold option, he just had to see what it would look like. So he took his ultra-realistic renders of the iPhone 6s and…Read more ›

Startling emoji discovery will change the way you look at ice cream forever

Apple is making some big changes to emoji with the inclusion of racially diverse characters in iOS 8.3, but the company has been hiding an emoji secret under our finger tips for years. A startling emoji discovery was made this…Read more ›

What your favorite apps look like on the Apple Watch

What will make or break the Apple Watch for most people isn’t a fancy band or the feel of the Digital Crown. It will be the apps they can use. And after today’s Spring Forward event, it looks like a…Read more ›

Grotesque bandages make your boo-boos look like horrific wounds

Blood makes Sherwood Forlee squeamish, it really does. So imagine the surprise of friends who know his weakness when he created a type of bandage for the everyday boo-boo that creates the illusion of a stomach-churning wound that would make…Read more ›

Monohm’s circular smartphone is designed to look like a pocket watch

Samsung’s three-sided display may make the Galaxy S6 Edge a little different, but it won’t be the most unique smartphone at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week. Monohm, a company based in Berkeley, California, that makes “heirloom electronics,” will…Read more ›