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Excited that Nintendo is planning on releasing iPhone games in a new collaboration with mobile developer DeNA? Here’s a taste of what it could end up being like: Nintendo’s gaming classic Super Mario 64 running on an iPhone! Yesterday, Unity… Read more ›

Charli XCX’s new music video looks like an Apple ad

Lesser brands like Samsung have to splash some serious cash to give the impression that they’re cool pieces of technology, but Apple’s so ubiquitous that pop stars are seemingly lining up to feature its products in their music videos. The latest… Read more ›

Apple Watch packaging looks like Swatch

Apple might have just leaked some of the packaging for the upcoming Apple Watch. The Apple Jobs website received a nice update today, but includes a new image of what appears to be some of the Apple Watch packaging that… Read more ›

What Apple Watch Sport looks like with pricier bands

Apple will reveal pricing details on its long-anticipated smartwatch in less than a week, but if the stainless steel version costs upward of $ 700, I’m definitely going the cheap route with the Apple Watch Sport. The $ 350 timepiece isn’t as… Read more ›

Samsung is expected to unveil its new flagship Galaxy S6 smartphone at Mobile World Congress next month, but some leaked images from the XDA developer forums might have just spoiled their big reveal. The set of images of an alleged… Read more ›

We still don’t know the exact launch date of the Apple Watch — other than it’s shipping in April — but if you just can’t wait to load up on accessories for your Apple wearable, the first Apple Watch dock… Read more ›

If you’re a creative director, designer, or just enjoy using your Mac for graphics editing, you may want to check out the new Photoshop rival, Affinity Photo. Currently available as a public beta, this pro-level photo software and graphics editor… Read more ›

We’ve seen a few pictures of filming underway for Sony’s Steve Jobs movie, but today we got the first look at Michael Fassbender as Jobs. Some on-set pictures show the 12 Years A Slave star in scenes with Seth Rogan… Read more ›

Over the weekend, we showed you sexy new renders that showed the rumored new 12-inch MacBook Air and iPad Pro side-by-side. Designed by render artist extraordinaire Martin Hajek, it gave us our best look yet at what Apple’s next big… Read more ›

Apple has provided the official City of Cupertino website with a new photo, showing progress on the new, so-called “Spaceship” campus. And it’s starting to look like a thing of a beauty. As you may know, every week, Apple provides… Read more ›