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Spy who may have helped Samsung win A-series chip orders loses in court

Taiwan’s top court has ruled in favor of TSMC in a dispute involving a former employee who leaked trade secrets to Samsung — potentially helping the South Korean tech giant catch up in the chip fabrication business and win orders for Apple’s A-series processors. Samsung wasn’t named directly in the suit, although there’s little doubt […][Read More…]

Google Maps loses its cool when asked, ‘Are we there yet?’

If you have young children, the last question you want to hear on any long journey is, “Are we there yet?” It’s never asked just once; it’s asked again and again and again until you angrily threaten to turn around and…Read more ›

Apple loses appeal to dismiss antitrust monitor, again

Apple just can’t get rid of its shady antitrust compliance monitor. After making another appeal to the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New York to disqualify Michael Bromwich as its monitor, Apple was rejected by the federal court…Read more ›

Metallica songwriter loses iPhone packing 250 new riffs

Metallica lead guitarist and songwriter Kirk Hammett has lost his super-valuable iPhone. No, it’s not one of those gold-plated ones favored by celebrities like Justin Bieber — it’s the iPhone on which he’d stored 250 riffs for the band’s next…Read more ›

Apple loses title of best tablet maker to Amazon in latest J.D. Power rankings

Back in May, Apple’s iPad regained its illustrious titles as the top tablet according to the J.D. Power’s U.S. Tablet Satisfaction survey. Fast forward five months, and Apple’s lost the title… to Amazon, of all companies. Is this even real…Read more ›

As The Magazine shuts down, Newsstand loses a high-profile publication

The Magazine, one of the best original technology-focused Newsstand magazines out there, is closing up shop as of December of this year. The Magazine raised the bar for a digital-only publication, providing well-written and edited short and long non-fiction that…Read more ›

Apple loses second attempt to ban sales of Samsung phones

Judge Lucy Koh has denied Apple’s second attempt at banning certain Samsung phones. After Apple won its second major patent infringement case against Samsung earlier this year, it requested that a permanent injunction be placed on nine Samsung devices in the U.S.…Read more ›

Hilarious Picture Captures the Exact Moment a Skydiver Loses iPhone in Middle of Free Fall

Don’t you hate it when you’re skydiving and lose your iPhone during a free fall? OK so probably none of us can say that has happened to them, but this hilarious picture captures the exact moment of such an event occurring at some-odd thousand feet above Earth. In the picture, a skydiver named Patrick has … Read More

Apple loses patent claim battle against Chinese Siri

A Beijing court has ruled against Apple, upholding the validity of a patent held by the Chinese company Zhizhen Internet Technology. Zhizhen first sued Apple back in 2012, claiming that Apple’s Siri virtual assistant was infringing on its patent for…Read more ›

TVCatchup Loses Popular Channels Following Legal Dispute

For telly addicts in the U.K., the free TVCatchup app for Android and iOS makes it easy for them to watch live TV channels while they’re on the go. But thanks to an ongoing legal dispute with a number of…Read more ›

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