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Apple Loses iPod Playlist Patent Trial, Ordered to Pay $8 Million

A federal jury decided against Apple in a patent infringement suit that originially included Sirius XM Radio, Coby Electronics, Archos and Personal Audio. The suit alleged that Apple violated two patents related to downloadable playlists for iPods. Apple was ordered to pay Personal Audio $8 Million in damages, the remaining companies settled out of court last year. The two patents in question were U.S. patent 6,199,076 “Audio Program Player Including a Dynamic Program Selection controller”  [Read More…]

Apple Loses Top Retail Chief to JC Penney

Although executives aren’t exactly dropping like flies at Apple, the Cupertino, California-based tech giant has lost no shortage of top-shelf leaders in the last six months, the latest of which is Apple’s chief of retail operations, Ron Johnson. It was announced Tuesday that Johnson will be leaving Apple to become the new CEO of JC Penny. The loss for Apple, however, is profound, given that Johnson has served for the past 11 years as senior  [Read More…]