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You might hear people talking about declining interest in the iPad, but try telling that to kids — who have expressed so much love for Apple’s tablet that last year it was named the #1 brand among children aged 6-12.… Read more ›

We’ve heard a lot of opinions about the Apple Watch since it came out in April. Some people love it, while others don’t see the point of wearing a device that offers no more functionality than your iPhone. But that’s… Read more ›

If you’d like to see the Apple Watch in a cool new way, we have something to show you. Apple created the below schematic as part of its Made for Apple Watch program, which supports designers who are interested in… Read more ›

ICYMI: Why we love the Apple Watch (and you will too)

You’re bound to love the Apple Watch as much as we do, and we’ve got a fantastic issue of Cult of Mac Magazine to prove it. Buster and Rob team up to review the fan-flipping-tastic Apple wrist-held, while Leander waxes… Read more ›

4 episodic games for players who love cliffhangers

You don’t always have to sit down to an epic, 100-hour slog to get your gaming in. Developers are delivering plenty of great bite-size, episodic games that (usually) release one part at a time. If you’re looking for something you… Read more ›

LG says even Steve Jobs would love the G4

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S6 has finally gone on sale the Android world is turning its attention to LG’s new flagship smartphone, the G4. We’ve seen a few glimpses of the leather-clad phone which will make its debut on… Read more ›

The first reactions to the Apple Watch are hot off the presses and, to be honest, they’re pretty much what I was expecting. There are some nice revelations (battery life isn’t as bad as we feared), some areas to improve… Read more ›

This week: we break down all that we know (and still don’t!) about the Apple Watch, and Leander says why the $ 10,000+ gold editions are totally opposite Steve Jobs’ vision for the company he co-founded. Plus: Apple quietly kills their… Read more ›

Tim Cook is currently visiting Israel in conjunction with Apple opening a new office in Herzliya. As part of the trip, he met with the President of Israel, Reuven Rivlin. The two leaders showed great respect for each other during… Read more ›