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App developers everywhere are posting their own clones of the hit app “Flappy Bird” to the App Store. While few have been able to publish their apps with many significant differences, the app developers behind the new app Flappy Fall… Read more ›     

This must be just about the worst gadget ever, which of course makes it the most fun to write about gadget ever. It’s a love-detecting bra, which will only open its front clasp if “true love” is detected. Where “true… Read more ›     

47. Thanks for all the fish. Milliwaves. Famed author Douglas Adams is known for many things, including his legendary Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy series. But did you know Adams was not only a die-hard Apple fan, but the last… Read more ›     

LEGO never goes out of style, and they’ve pretty much started to take over the world of new meda as well. Whether it’s through the LEGO movies or television shows, the 1940′s timeless toy has seen a rise in popularity… Read more ›     

Get your silver bullets and holy water ready dear friends, because our new CultCast: some Dell laptops are omitting a mysteriously pungent smell; iPad Air gets benchmarked, is murderously speedy; our fave photo app brings darkness… out of the shadows;…

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Who doesn’t love bugs? Kids of all ages love them, of course, and in new educational app, Grandma Loves Bugs, they’ll get a chance to explore the wonderful world of the many legged creatures with ten super fun mini games…

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GTA-V-iFruitI got married earlier this month, but my new wife has already threatened to divorce me due to my newfound obsession with GTA V. I’ve only had it since Saturday, but I literally can’t put it down. I’m not the only one, of course; the game has been a massive success so far, with 800 million copies […]

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Why Moto X Users Literally Love Their Phones

motoxYou can talk speeds and feeds, specs and features, build quality, materials and engineering all you want. The Moto X is far more “human†than any other phone. It feels like a friend and an ally, a sentient being that’s loyal and thoughtful. And these endearing qualities can actually trigger emotional attachment to the Moto […]

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new-cultcast-site-promo-pic-heath.jpgRumor has it that Apple might soon get a gold member… of the iPhone family. But on this week’s CultCast, we’ll ask the important question: why would anyone want a gold iPhone?! We’ll ponder the color choice and rumors of a big bump in 5S storage space. Then, Kyle Wiens from iFixit.com joins us to […]

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"All bad things come to an end."The final season of Breaking Bad begins tonight on AMC, and if you’re like me, you can’t get enough of the show. Fans like myself need to check out Breaking Bad: Alchemy, an awesome book from the show’s creators. It was my pick on Faves n’ Raves during the last CultCast. The Breaking Bad: Alchemy multi-touch book [...]

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