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Apple’s suppliers complain of lower than normal orders for Q2

Tim Cook admitted back in January that Apple’s growth wasn’t going to be at usual stratospheric levels during the first three months of 2016. And, based on a new report, things aren’t likely to pick up too much in the April-June quarter, either. Citing “industry sources,” chip orders placed by Apple to its suppliers are […]

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Upgraded iCloud Storage Plans Offer More Storage at Lower Prices

Apple has expanded their iCloud storage plan lineup to offer dramatically increased storage capacities for a monthly fee. The new pricing plans offer up to 1TB of total storage capacity, which should be plenty for just about any gadget owner, even if you have a handful of iPhones, iPads, and Macs in use on a … Read More

iOS device hospital trial leads to lower mortality rates

We’re increasingly obsessed with the idea of personal health tracking devices like the long-awaited iWatch, but current Apple devices can also be used to revolutionize medicine within hospitals. A new report in the U.K. states that doctors and nurses at Middlesbrough’s James Cook University…Read more ›

WSJ: Apple Cuts iPhone 5c Orders Following Lower Than Expected Demand

Apple has told iPhone suppliers in China to cut iPhone 5c orders for the fourth quarter following lower than expected demand for the device, The Wall Street Journal reports. Foxconn has been asked to cut orders by one-third, while Pegatron will reduce…Read more ›

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Google Apparently Ranking iTunes App Links Lower Than Normal

Screen Shot 2013-04-02 at 3.52.25 PM

Where’s the iTunes App Store link?

A common method for finding apps in the iTunes App Store is to do a quick search in Google. Searching the App Store for “Tweetbot” can take a lot longer than Googling “Tweetbot App Store” in a browser.

Links to iTunes have always been near the top of the first page when you search for an app, but iTunes results have  [Read More…]

Award Winning Platform Puzzler Rochard Updates On Mac App Store With Lower Price, iCloud Support

If you haven’t played Rochard, yet, you might want to check this out. The gravity-bending, scifi adventuring, sarcastic-remark making space mechanic with a gravity gun is on the Mac for a mere $ 6.99. The latest update features iCloud support as well as some new language localizations, like Russian, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Czech and Turkish.

You can play Rochard with the keyboard and mouse, hook up a bluetooth PS3 controller,  [Read More…]

New Doxie One Scanner Comes With Lower Pricetag But No Batteries

image: Apparent

We’ve mentioned Apparent’s Doxie Go portable document scanner a few times in the past. The flexible, battery-powered scanner is a trusty tool for any mobile professional; anything fed into its maw can be turned into 300 dpi images on a Mac, iPad, the cloud — or Doxie can simply keep the scanned images for later download.

The new Doxie One, unveiled today, comes without the $ 200 Doxie Go’s rechargeable lithium battery —  [Read More…]

Tim Cook: iPad Mini Margins Are Lower Than Any Other Apple Product


During today’s conference call, Tim Cook commented on the price of the iPad mini and explained the the iPad mini has gross margins that are significantly below the corporate average. He didn’t say that Apple is selling the 7-inch tablet at a loss, but Apple definitely isn’t going to make as much profit off each iPad mini as they’re used to with other devices.

Earlier this morning a story from Digitimes claimed  [Read More…]

Audyssey Lower East Side Media Speakers: Class, With a Little Tude [Review]

After the critical success of Audysseys South of Market dock last year, Audyssey eventually released their next product, the Lower East Side Media Speakers ($ 250), in October of this year. This time, Audyssey has dropped the radical approach to design it used for the SOMA dock with its unusual, back-to-back speaker configuration in favor of a much more conventional, yet still attractive, form. Audyssey left three things  [Read More…]

Sprint Posts Lower Quarterly Loss Than Expected, Betting Future on the iPhone

Sprint posted a narrower loss than predicted during the third quarter of the year, but expects the iPhone to turn around the companies steady decline in contract subscribers despite the expensive intial investment. Sprint reported a quarterly loss of $301 million ($.10 a share), which is a third of their third quarter losses last year of $911 million ($.30 a share). Also, the loss beat analysts expectations of a $.22 per-share loss for the quarter.  [Read More…]