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You can now use Apple Pay with Walgreens’ loyalty program

Giant drugstore chain Walgreens today announced that Balance Rewards loyalty scheme members can now earn and redeem loyalty points via Apple Pay through Apple Pay — without having to separately scan a Balance Rewards card or barcode. “We’re excited to be the first to provide our customers with increased ease of access to their Balance […]

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Android Pay starts loyalty rewards program with Coca-Cola

Android Pay, the newest kid on the block in mobile phone payments, has found a way to get people using their smartphones to pay for goods and services: loyalty reward systems. Like similar retail, grocery and airline programs, Android Pay will soon include points for specific purchases to encourage us all to use our smartphones […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple Pay’s innovative loyalty program could supercharge holiday shopping

Apple Pay is set to completely change the way we pay for things at the register, and to reward early adopters’ use of the new mobile payments system, Apple is planning to launch a new Apple Pay loyalty program in…Read more ›

PayPal’s iOS client now supports loyalty cards

Earlier today we reported on how Apple’s new iTunes Pass feature hints at Apple’s interest in mobile payments. However, Apple’s not the only company interested in this area. Last night, PayPal updated its iOS client with one important new feature,…Read more ›

Apple Targets Big Spenders With New Loyalty Program Discounts

Apple has made some changes to its Customer Loyalty Program, adding new items and increasing the discount offered on existing ones. The discounts — which quietly went into effect last week — are on offer to people who spend upwards…Read more ›    [Read More…]

iPhone Users Have A ‘Blind Loyalty’ To The Apple Brand [Report]

A new survey of 2,000 iPhone users saw 3/5ths of respondents admit to having a “blind loyalty” to the Apple brand. 78% percent claimed they “couldn’t imagine having a different type of phone now,”  while 52% said they had been…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Android May Be King, But User Loyalty Will Help iOS Steal Its Crown [Report]

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Android may have the edge over iOS at the moment, but by 2015, there’s a chance Apple’s platform will have stolen the crown. And it’s all thanks to customer loyalty.

According to new research from Yankee Group, iPhone owners are more loyal to their devices and therefore less likely to stray to competing platforms. There’s a large percentage of Android users, however, who have plans to switch  [Read More…]

Samsung to Use Apple’s Method to Gain Brand Loyalty and Win Consumers

A recently published report outlines a recent interview with Samsungs marketing chief who explains the thought process behind the South Korean competitors anti-Apple campaign. It also details the companys plans to win over the minds of consumers worldwide. During the Consumers Electronics Show in January,AllThingsDsat down and spoke with Younghee Lee, Samsungs head of marketing, and found out that the company is seeking to create a brand status similar to Apples in order to boost  [Read More…]

Square Adds Loyalty Programs for Customers, Cash Drawer Support, and Paper Receipts

Square updated their mobile payment application to version 2.2 today, and with it added two huge features giving the Square the ability to replace every small business cash register. The first feature allows merchants to create opt-in customer loyalty programs. These programs allow merchants to track repeat visitors and offer them incentives. Incentives can be awarded base on the total number of purchases the customer has made within an allotted time period or once they  [Read More…]