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One lucky iPhone 6s customer has already received their order

One incredibly lucky Apple fan, San Diego-based Twitter user @MoonshineDesign, has already received her brand new Rose Gold iPhone 6s — several days ahead of its Friday release date. Adrienne went on to post a variety of photos of the device, along with videos shot with the camera and even a Geekbench test, confirming the 2GB […]

(via Cult of Mac – Tech and culture through an Apple lens)

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Apple fans in Japan risk their lives for a Lucky Bag

How much would you endure to get a cheap deal on a new Apple product? When we wrote about the traditional Japanese “Lucky Bag” special offer — which gives customers the chance to buy a $ 300 gift bag, containing cut-price…Read more ›

What’s in Apple’s Japanese ‘Lucky Bags’ — and how you can get one

As per Japanese tradition, Apple has started handing out its Fukubukuro (a.k.a. “Lucky Bags”) to customers at its brick-and-mortar retail stores in Japan — giving some fortunate buyers massive discounts on the latest Apple products and accessories. The bags are…Read more ›

Apple announces Japanese ‘Lucky Bags’ will go on sale January 2nd

Christmas may be over here in the United States, but the season’s just starting in Japan. Apple has just announced that it will kick off its annual ‘Lucky Bag’ celebration in its Japanese retail stores starting on January 2nd. Here’s…Read more ›

Apple Watch will be ‘lucky’ to ship by Valentines Day

Many Apple fans were hoping the company’s first timepiece would be ship to stores in time for the holidays, but with the release slated for ‘early 2015′, a new report claims you’ll be lucky if you get to Digital Touch…Read more ›

Japanese Apple Store Sells “Lucky Bags” Containing All Kinds Of Apple Goodies [Video]

Forget Black Friday or Cyber Monday, New Year in Japan is the time of choice for retailers and shoppers alike — since this means Fukubukuro. Literally translating as “lucky bag”, fukubukuro gives stores a chance to make room for incoming…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Apple Is Selling Awesome ‘Lucky Bags’ With Discounted Products… If You Live In Japan

In Japan and other Asian countries, an annual tradition that many retailers participate in during the holidays is called “Fukubukuro,” commonly referred to as “lucky” or “mystery” bags. The concept is simple: you put together bags of heavily discounted products…Read more ›    [Read More…]

Is This the Lucky Buyer of The World’s First iPhone 5s?

Jim seems really happy.Well, look at that! We’ve got our first glimpse of what may be the world’s first iPhone 5s, sold to a man named Jim in Sydney, Australia, where the coveted flagship Apple device has just gone on sale. The GoodGearGuide snapped his picture on Twitter just minutes ago, arms raised in triumph, a giant grin […]

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Duel Your Friends With Pigeons In Lucky Frame’s New Game, Gentlemen!

gentlemenThe fine folks at Lucky Frame (Bad Hotel, Pugs Luv Beats) have just announced a brand new game, this one coming to iPad and Android July 16th, with a desktop version for Mac and PC soon thereafter. While there’s a definite shortage of pugs in Gentlemen!, there is definitely a surfeit of pigeons. This here […]

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Meet Philip Püpke, The Lucky Guy Who Won €10,000 From Apple This Morning


This is the guy who downloaded the 25 billionth song off of iTunes

Earlier this morning Apple announced that someone had downloaded the 25 billionth song off of iTunes. The person who purchased the 25 billionth song, Philip Pupke, received a €10,000 iTunes Gift Card from Apple, which not only makes him pretty damn lucky, but now he can buy a music album for everyone he’s ever met.

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