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Tim Cook lunch auction hits $200k, but time’s running out

If you fancy sitting down over lunch with Tim Cook, along with being the Apple CEO’s guest at a future Apple keynote, you’d better hurry. That’s because today marks the end of the annual Tim Cook Lunch auction to raise…Read more ›

How much is lunch with Tim Cook worth?

Can you put a price tag on bending the ear of CEO of the most valuable company in the world? Apple thinks you can, and its making Tim Cook available for a brief sit down if you’re willing to cough…Read more ›

Uber offers lunch on demand to benefit No Hungry Kids

Uber has been no stranger to delivering odd things like kittens and ice cream, but on Thursday, December 11th the ride-sharing app is teaming up with local restaurants to offer lunch on-demand to users, with the benefits going to support…Read more ›

You can win a lunch meeting with Apple’s Eddie Cue for only $10k

Ever want to sit down with the guy at Apple who has basically been tasked to fix every disaster of the last five years? If you got more than ten grand to spare and love basketball this may be your…Read more ›

Why Steve Jobs always ate lunch alone

Every kid who has ever gone to high school knows the social anxiety that deciding where to sit in the school lunchroom can cause. Do you sit with the jocks? The preps? The dweebs? Or will no one let you…Read more ›

Got $600K? Buy a condo, or eat lunch with Tim Cook

If you’ve ever wished you could grab lunch with Apple’s Tim Cook, now is your chance. Cook is auctioning off a lunch date at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, California. All proceeds from the action will go to the RFK Center for…Read more ›

Kinect-Powered Xbox TV Will Try To Eat Apple’s Living Room Lunch


Speaking of Microsoft, they’re the latest company said to be eyeing the living room, designing a new set-top box to go head-to-head with the Apple TV. But Microsoft might have an ace up their sleeves.

According to sources speaking to The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft has made several prototypes of their set-top box over the last couple of years, but the latest prototype supports the Kinect accessory for the Xbox  [Read More…]

iPad Lunch Tray Brings TV Dinners Into The 21st Century

Despite its obvious problems, it’s hard not to love this little iPad lap desk from Kikkerland. It’s not just that it would look so cute perched on your thighs with a snack and a suitable beverage, but that somebody thought to update the TV dinner for the internet age.

The iPad Bed is just $ 13 (currently sold out at Kikkerland but available elsewhere: try Amazon), and sits firmly on your lap  [Read More…]

Fun Game: Throw Up but Dont Lose Your Lunch

Throw Up Every week Mac Games and More features a fun, casual game you can play into the weekend. This weeks selection features a free Mac game we just released that takes gamers back to arcade gaming. Will you throw up? We hope so.   Throw UpThrow Up(arcade/puzzle) Todays game is free as well as fun, queasy game name notwithstanding. Throw Up is an arcade game that requires some practice, skill  [Read More…]