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Minecraft lures kids to museums like nothing else

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — 12-year-old Josh couldn’t wait to get to the museum. For once, the visit wouldn’t be about “boring” old artwork or educational science, but something he really loves — Minecraft. “This is great,” he said while tapping and…Read more ›

Angry Birds Fishing Lures Signal The End Of Civilization

Angry Birds fishing! Nope, it’s not the name of an awesome cross between Angry Birds and Ridiculous Fishing. Instead, it’s what you could do IRL with these ridiculous Angry Birds fishing lures. That’s right: Angry Birds fishing lures.

The lures come from Rapala, a company which makes all kinds of gear for the riverside relaxer (aka fisherman), and the various models not only look like the birds from the  [Read More…]

Best Buy Lures Customers With Apple Products

It isn’t hard to figure out why Best Buy loves Apple. But, I didn’t know they were like, you know, one in the same. Because that’s what Best Buy’s recent marketing campaign is portraying to consumers. Best Buy’s new advertisements claim Best Buy is a “store within a store” with all the Apple gear anyone would ever need. The ad shows a sales associate demonstrating FaceTime on an iPad with the shopper responding “that is so cool. I didn’t know  [Read More…]