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How to View Song Lyrics in iTunes

If you have ever wanted to view song lyrics in iTunes, you’ll be pleased to know there are new means of achieving that feat in the latest versions of the iTunes app for Mac OS and Windows. So, fire up iTunes, start playing your favorite song, and see the lyrics alongside! This works to see … Read More

Get the Earjax ‘Lyrics’ headphones for 65% off and with free shipping [Deals]

You don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of headphones to get professional sound quality. Enjoy studio quality sound at an affordable price with a pair of Earjax ‘Lyrics’ Noise-Isolating Headphones. For a limited time, Cult of… Read more ›

Get Song Lyrics with Siri from the iPhone or iPad

Siri Everyones favorite digital friend Siri can improve your music experience and song recollection by retrieving song lyrics for you. Whether you’re aiming for some spontaneous iPhone based Karaoke, looking to settle a dispute over what an artist is saying, wanting to add some lyrics to a song that is missing them, or just wondering what the lyrics to a given song are, Siri doesn’t care, anything goes.

The following three styles  [Read More…]

Stop iTunes Radio from Filtering Explicit Songs & Lyrics

iTunes Radio If you’ve been listening to iTunes Radio and noticed there’s a strong preference to clean songs versus the original versions that may contain some stronger language, you’re not going crazy, it’s actually the default settings choice for iTunes Radio. Listeners of certain genres will probably never notice the difference, but a surprisingly large amount of pop, classic rock, alternative, hard rock, hip hop, and rap is impacted by the “explicit”  [Read More…]

Add & Edit Lyrics of Songs in iTunes and View Them in the iOS Music App

Did you know you can add or edit the lyrics of any song in your iTunes library? And of course, once you sync that song to your iPhone or iPod touch, you’ll then be able to view the lyrics directly on the iOS device screen. The whole process is quite simple, though you’ll have to fill in lyrics yourself if they aren’t already there, but with no shortage of lyrics sites out there the words the songs are only a  [Read More…]

BodyGuardz Lyrics Premium Earbuds: Great Comfort At A Great Price

We have another pair of BodyGuardz earbuds for you check out today—Premium Lyrics Earbuds From BodyGuardz (Black): The Precision-Crafted Surfaces Will Make You Forget They Are Even in Your Ears—I mean it’s not like there is any other news or anything, right?

These earbuds are supposed to be so light and comfortable that you will either a) forget you have them on (I’ve done that, which is why my MacBook Pro headphone jack is  [Read More…]

Keynote Icon Ditches Depressing Lyrics, Now Thinks Different Like Apples Other Icons

The new Keynote icon.

Here’s something cool you may not have noticed yet.�With its new Keynote update, released alongside Pages and Numbers yesterday, Apple replaced the unique icon that features the somewhat depressing lyrics to The Bitch of the Living by Spirit Awakening with a new 2012 icon that displays a famous quote from the company’s Think Different commercial.�The same quote now appears on several of Apple’s Mac OS X icons.

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Pandora Updates iPhone App With New Design, Lyrics, Sharing, And More

Popular online streaming music service Pandora started it all. They grew out of the Music Genome Project in January of 2000 and haven’t looked back. Pandora has a web streaming option, is built into many home and car audio products, and, of course, can be found on iOS devices like the iPhone and iPad. While their algorithms can be hit and miss in my experience, they’re still the go-to app when Spotify,  [Read More…]

Lyricalizer Automatically Fetches Song Lyrics In The iOS 5 Music App [Jailbreak]

It’s a beautiful day.

Have you ever wanted to have access to the lyrics of your favorite tunes in the iOS Music app? Do you not want to take the time to manually add lyrics for every song in iTunes? A jailbreak tweak called Lyricalizer automatically fetches the lyrics for songs as their playing on the iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad and lets you view them right in the default Music  [Read More…]

[Review] Lyricalizer – Instant Music Lyrics for iPad

Are you angry at the fact of Apple removing lyric functionality in the iPad�s Music application in iOS 5? A new jailbreak tweak dubbed Lyricalizer by iOS developer�ac3xx�will permit you to get those lyrics back where they belong and they will display very attractively over the large album artwork, which takes advantage of the iPad�s large screen. Not only that, but the lyrics will be vacuumed up from the internet and placed in the Music application  [Read More…]