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Photo: Martin Hajek Photo: Martin Hajek The Apple Watch might be Cupertino’s most hotly anticipated product, but for my money, the two releases I’m most excited about this year are the 12-inch MacBook Air and the 12-inch iPad Pro. Outside… Read more ›

  New photos leaked online apparently show the display portion of the forthcoming, eagerly-anticipated 12-inch MacBook Air: a device rumored to be Apple’s first Retina MacBook Air model. In the photos, the display is compared in size to various current Apple… Read more ›

Are you ready for the thinner, radically-redesigned, 12-inch MacBook Air? Apple certainly hopes so, because it’s reportedly piling on the pressure on to get Quanta Computer, its Taiwan-based manufacturer, to ramp up volume production of the notebook. The MacBook Air… Read more ›

LAS VEGAS — Laptop docks aren’t usually the sexiest things in the world, but the latest hardware from Henge Docks could be considered somewhat titillating. Henge’s upcoming horizontal docking station is a beauty. Its sleek, metallic profile looks like an… Read more ›

This week: As promised! With over 430,000 Instagram followers, photographer Cory Staudacher, aka @withhearts, joins us to talk mobile photography, his favorite photo apps and gear, and his tips for capturing beautiful images with your favorite iDevice. Plus, someone tries… Read more ›

LAS VEGAS — Companies are throwing sensors into everything this year. Toothbrushes, cookie jars, mouth guards … you name it, and someone is trying to cram some sort of sensor into it. Next up is your backpack. AMPL Labs’ upcoming… Read more ›

This new Android-powered ZX2 Walkman is for serious audiophiles only. Sony’s pushing the device as a high-resolution sound machine, and it’s set a price to match. $ 1,119.99 seems a bit much for a portable music player, but I really can’t… Read more ›

If your MacBook is running low on storage and you need to give it a boost, then you don’t want to miss out on getting the ingenious HyperDrive MacBook storage expander. It turns an average MicroSD card into a part… Read more ›

The Apple blogosphere was ablaze yesterday with reports that noted Apple ripoff artists Xiaomi had reportedly come up with its most brazen copycat attempt yet: a MacBook Air-alike which looked indistinguishable from Cupertino’s offering, with the exception of a Xiaomi logo instead… Read more ›

Reading that someone decided to put their MacBook Pro in the oven and then set about drilling holes in it sounds like one of those inane YouTube videos showing someone destroying a perfectly good computer for no reason whatsoever. For iFixit… Read more ›