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Battle of the Ever-Slimming Gadgets: iPad 2 vs. MacBook Air 11-inch

We all know that the Macbook Air is incredibly thin. But the question is: how thin is it?

Statistically speaking, iPad 2 has a thickness of 8.8mm whereas the Air is 17mm at its thickest, and 2.8 at its thinnest.

Now feast ye eyes on a couple of photos Taimur has snapped comparing iPad 2�s thickness to the 11-inch Macbook Air�s:

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Turbo Boost Problems Reported with New MacBook Pros

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With the release of the new Sandy Bridge-equipped MacBook Pros, users have been expecting clockspeeds of up to 3.4 GHz with Intel Turbo Boost technology. However, it at least a couple of cases, 13″ models with Core i7-2620M processors have been reported to stall out at 2.7 GHz when using Windows. The culprit may be high core temperature, which is not being seen when the 13″ is running  [Read More…]

Late 2008 MacBook and MBP Capable of 8 GB Ram with Manual Update

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It seems that the late 2008 MacBook and MacBook Pros can accept up to 8 GB of RAM. Why is this news now? Well, it had been previously stated that these machines were only capable of using 6 GB Memory, but according to Other World Computing, Apple issued a firmware update in 2009 that actually allows these machines to use 8 GB.

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Apple Sells 1.1 Million MacBook Airs in Fourth Quarter of 2010

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The MacBook Air is a huge hit for Apple with an estimated 1.1 million 11-inch and 13-inch models sold during the fourth quarter of last year. The MacBook Air launch has been the most successful Mac launch for Apple to date. That?s quite an achievement considering just how successful the entire MacBook line has been for Apple over the years.

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Latest MacBook Pros 13-53% Faster According to Latest Benchmarks

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MacWorld has released new benchmark results for the latest generation of MacBook Pros. They feature Intel?s newest Core i5 and Core i7 processors better known by their code name Sandy Bridge and the results are impressive. Macworld ran their usual battery of speed tests on the latest MacBook Pros. The only exception to the testing was with the new Thunderbolt connection, as devices that use this new  [Read More…]

iFixit Tears Down the Latest 15-inch Quad-core MacBook Pro

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Apple updated the MacBook Pro line only a few hours ago and the repair wizards at iFixit have already done a complete teardown of the 15-inch model. The construction and many of the components are similar to the previous version, but Apple has made a few important upgrades that makes this a more capable machine. This is the first MacBook Pro to incorporate a quad-core processor as  [Read More…]

Apple Releases New MacBook Pros with “3 Very Big Leaps Forward”

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Apple released a refreshed MacBook Pro model range today, featuring updated “Sandy Bridge” Intel Core processors, AMD Radeon graphics, and Thunderbolt I/O, as well as optional solid state drives. The new model was fairly extensively leaked prior to its release, and specifications are mostly in line with predictions.

The new high-end notebooks can be ordered with next-generation quad-core and dual-core Core i5 and Core i7 processors from  [Read More…]

New iMacs Soon After MacBook Pro Refresh?

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With the new MacBook Pros allegedly arriving at Apple Retail locations this week, preparing for a Thursday launch, new reports today are suggesting that Apple’s desktop line will also be getting a refresh in the very near future.

The report, first announced by DigiTimes states that the iMac revision is near completion and even makes reference to a small chance that the iMacs will be revised alongside  [Read More…]

Here’s What We Know About the New MacBook Pros

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With the veil over the new MacBook Pro apparently set to be lifted in just a few short hours, there’s been a flurry of posts from of images of the new machines.

Today there’s been a few shots posted of the left side of the new notebook, showing similar ports to the 2010 MacBook Pro, but most notably featured is the new Thunderbolt port which almost everybody  [Read More…]