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When Your Mac Slows Down, Give It A Tune Up [MacRx]

This article first appeared in Cult of Mac magazine. Macs are solid machines, but just like their owners they have a tendency to get lethargic as they age. Launching and switching programs takes longer, simple tasks become arduous, and the…Read more ›    [Read More…]

I Canít Reinstall Snow Leopard After Installing Lion [Ask MacRx]

Mac os x lion install Now hereís a bizarre headscratcher. A readerís Mac Pro was upgraded from Snow Leopard to Lion, then refused to subsequently boot off the Snow Leopard DVD to reinstall the older OS on another drive. Despite many different attempts, for this one Mac it appears perhaps you canít go home againÖ I use Bryce occasionally to produce art for friendís projects. I just  [Read More…]

Why Doesnít My Mac Wake From Sleep? [Ask MacRx]

Mac Sleep Mode When your Mac doesnít wake from sleep, the reason could relate to uncooperative hardware or unstable software. When people donít wake from sleep, it could be the sign of a Monday morning or an upcoming examÖ Sometimes when my mac goes to sleep it doesnít want to wake up and the screen stays black. I have to turn off computer then turn it back on. Why does it  [Read More…]

Diagnosing Mac Software Memory Leaks Can Be Difficult [Ask MacRx]

Memory Problems Sometimes explaining the problem with your computer isnít easy, particularly when youíre not sure of the correct technical term used to describe an issue. It took some back and forth to assess this readerís problem about RAM usage and availability Ė but I got to enjoy the affectation of ďSirĒ during the discussion! Hello Sir Adam, Hope all is well. I am in desperate need  [Read More…]

Will iWeb Live? The Answer is a Mixed Bag [Ask MacRx]

Ask MacRx IWeb As Apple pulls us all forward into the Next Great Thing, some widely-used Previously Cool Things get left behind. Itís happened with HyperCard, PageMill, and all PowerPC only applications. Today one reader ponders the uncertain future of his favorite program, iWeb: I bought my first Mac in í85Ö Being an OldínAging Geezer I saw that an encroaching Class of í61?s 50-year Reunion deserved a  [Read More…]

Can I Merge Mac User Accounts After a Time Machine Restore? [Ask MacRx]

Time Machine User Accounts Ask MacRx took a hiatus for a few weeks in December but weíre back for 2012 and here to help try and answer more of your Mac and iDevice questions. Today we hear from a reader who has more user accounts than desired after restoring from a Time Machine backup: I recently replaced the drive in my Macbook, upgrading to a larger capacity  [Read More…]

My MacBook Crashed and Now I Canít Reboot the Computer [Ask MacRx]

  A crashed computer is one lifeís annoyances. A crashed computer that you canít subsequently reboot becomes a bigger headache. Sometimes the battery in a laptop can be the culprit: My Macbook froze out of nowhere. I have only had it for a few months. I purchased it new. I tried pushing the restart button and option/command/esc (what it says in the manual to do) but none of that works. My mac is totally unresponsive. What should I do? Thanks  [Read More…]

How Do I Install an iOS App No Longer Available on the App Store? [Ask MacRx]

App Store No Longer Apple Giveth, and Apple Taketh Away. The Walled Garden approach Apple has taken with its App Store means that not everything you once bought is still available. However, that doesnít mean youíre out of options for installing software that was previously downloaded: Hello, I got the iTether app yesterday before Apple pulled it out, but my daughter didnít get the chance to download  [Read More…]

Can I Use iTunes Home Sharing Across the Internet?

ITunes Home Sharing Internet iTunes Home Sharing has been around for a few years and is a handy way to access your media between devices. One reader wonders about trying to use this service while traveling: My setup is Apple based i.e. iPad/iphone/appletv2/airport extreme/imac. The iTunes Home Sharing works brilliantly. Is there a way by which I can retain the home sharing function remotely? In other words  [Read More…]

How Can I Transfer Contacts from my Old iPad to a New Mac? [Ask MacRx]

Sync via cloud Sometimes when moving to a newer computer, you realize only after the old system is gone that youíre missing some data. With the proliferation of iPhones and iPads, cloud based services can help transfer things like Contacts and Calendars if incomplete: My old Mac Pro was running OS X 10.4.11 and my new MacBook Pro came with Snow Leopard. Using Migration assistant just about  [Read More…]